Judith B

Co-Owner / Art Director / Level VII

Judith B: Your Hair Guru & Creative Force!

Hey there, fabulous folks! I’m Judith B, your hair virtuoso with over 28 years of hair wizardry under my belt. Imagine a gal who once had her sights set on the courtroom but got swept away into the mesmerizing world of hair sorcery. It all ignited back at Pivot Point (beauty school), where the allure of hair and makeup captivated my heart and charted a new course in life.

My hair obsession hit its peak during intense training stints at Vidal Sassoon—Chicago and London vibes! Cutting, coloring, and sculpting hair into fantastical styles have been my jam for over two glorious decades. I thrive on crafting looks that scream YOU! Think razor-sharp cuts and colors that harmonize seamlessly with your unique vibe.

Education? Always hungry for it! Staying ahead with the hottest trends and freshest techniques is my groove. Sharing these nuggets of hair wisdom with my incredible squad at the Judith B Academy and salons across Illinois and Chicagoland is how I spread the hair love.

When I’m not rocking the hair scene, I transform into a superhero mom to three amazing kids and pour my energy into amazing initiatives with organizations like The American Diabetes Association, Mujeres Latinas en Accíon, and Destiny’s Rescue.

Got a Pinterest board overflowing with hair inspo? Bring it on! I’m the visual genius ready to decode those hair dreams into a fabulous reality. But let’s keep it real—sometimes Pinterest and reality need a sit-down chat. Trust me, I’ve got your back!

And a quick note: coffee turns me into a turbo-machine! Let’s opt for a relaxing tea session instead, okay?

Whether you’re craving a killer cut, vibrant hues, or hair wisdom as vibrant as your personality, I’ve got your back. Let’s embark on a hair journey where your locks become the canvas for your inner vibe!

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