Level II Nail Tech /  Apprentice

Hey there, I’m Allyiah! Transitioning from a pivotal role on our front desk team to blossoming into a Level II nail technician at Judith B Salon + Spa has been an incredible journey for me. Introduced by a family friend, my hidden talent for intricate nail art emerged from a personal hobby, never realizing it would shape my career path in the beauty industry.

Fueled by an innate creative streak, I eagerly immersed myself in our esteemed nail lab’s dynamic training environment. This artistic journey naturally led me toward the fascinating world of cosmetology. The allure of mastering haircare techniques became irresistible, propelling me toward pursuing a cosmetology license, which I aim to attain in 2024.

At Judith B, I’ve embraced invaluable learning opportunities through an exciting apprenticeship, benefiting from our salon’s commitment as a CE sponsor. My journey now encompasses a captivating exploration into the nuanced artistry of hair, with a strong focus on mastering color techniques.

My evolution from roots in nail artistry to the pursuit of mastering hair isn’t just about dedication; it’s about fervent zeal for continuous growth. As I continue this transformative journey, on the cusp of unveiling my newfound expertise, I’m poised and ready to captivate and transform. I’m here to elevate both your hair and nails with finesse. Stay tuned for the unveiling of my multifaceted talents!

From crafting mesmerizing Gel-X nail designs to delving into the captivating realm of hair color transformations, each stroke and hue isn’t just a style—it’s an expressive statement. Join me in this vibrant journey where the artistry of nail design merges with the fascinating world of hair color, creating a style that radiates both inside and out. I’m here to bring a storm of creativity to Chicago and Elmhurst!

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