Level III

Leah: Your Balayage Boss & Long Hair Whisperer, Dog Lover, and Cocktail Crafting Pro!

Hello there, I’m Leah (pronounced Lee-uh), your dedicated expert in achieving stunning balayage and crafting exquisite hairstyles. I’m driven by my passion for hair and a deep affection for our furry companions, alongside a knack for mixing delightful cocktails that will leave your taste buds dancing!

My focus is on helping you achieve your hair aspirations while sharing love for our four-legged pals. Whether it’s perfecting highlights, mastering balayage techniques, or revitalizing your hair color, consider it my forte!

Beyond my skills in hair, my loyal furry companion, Boz, is a constant source of joy and teaches me the beauty of unconditional love every day.

Compassion and empathy are at the core of my approach. I am committed to surpassing expectations while realizing your hair dreams sustainably and with consideration for our planet.

Think of me as your trusted hairstylist, here to accompany you on your hair journey and turn your visions into reality. And here’s a fun fact: when I’m not crafting stunning hairstyles or enjoying quality time with Boz, you can find me indulging in my guilty pleasure—Hallmark movies! I simply adore their heartwarming stories and happily-ever-after endings.

Need a tip on mixing drinks or a recommendation for the latest feel-good movie? I’ve got you covered!

Let’s embark on an exciting hair journey together while celebrating beautiful hair, our furry companions, heartwarming movies, and embracing life’s best moments. Cheers to fabulous hairstyles and making the most of every moment!

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