Level V Artist

Angie: Your Hair Sorceress & Dream Weaver Extraordinaire!

Get ready for Angie’s hair odyssey—an epic tale from hair-play to beauty brilliance! Imagine her in junior high, already plotting her path into the beauty biz, seamlessly juggling high school and acing it at Pivot Point International Beauty School like a total pro.

Since her graduation, Angie’s been on a relentless journey, slaying the beauty game! A expert in Cutting (especially thick hair) and Color, she’s also mastered several keratin treatments, especially taming those luscious locks. Need some extra love for your hair? She’s your magic touch—just say the word, and she’ll lavish your locks with the care they deserve!

Color paneling, creative coloring—Angie’s playground. She’s the wizard behind covering grays, infusing life into your strands, and turning your wildest hair dreams into reality. Weddings, formals, proms—she’s your hair savior for those glam moments!

Fast forward two decades, Angie’s still rocking the industry, staying ahead with advanced education and hunting down trends on every platform—she’s a total hair geek on a mission!

When she’s not weaving hair magic, Angie’s a natural at making clients feel on cloud nine. An amazing listener with a side of hilarity—getting your hair done with Angie feels like a coffee date with your favorite buddy.

Beyond the studio, she’s all heart! Engaged with “Hands for Hope” and PADS, she’s using her hair sorcery for a cause, giving back to families in need and individuals experiencing homelessness.

Her honesty and contagious warmth will draw you in! Expect your time with Angie to be an absolute blast, leaving you grinning from ear to ear. You’ll rock that mirror look and rave about her to anyone who’ll listen!

Sunday            OFF

Monday            OFF

Tuesday           OFF

Wednesday      10-5

Thursday          12-8

Friday               OFF

Saturday           OFF