Welcome to Judith B Salon+Spa’s Blowout Bar—a trendy haven where hair gets the ultimate makeover!

Indulge in our signature blowout styling that’s all about easy glam. Our skilled stylists create a luxurious blow-dry finish, adding volume and sleekness for that effortlessly chic look you crave.

Ready to turn up the heat? Upgrade your blowout with our ironwork option. Go for sleek, straight perfection with flat ironing or switch it up with gorgeous curls that bring on the drama.

If you’re all about those trendy braids, our stylists are braiding pros! From chic crown braids to boho-fabulous fishtails and intricate Dutch braids, let’s craft a braid that perfectly matches your style.

Planning a special event with a group and need on-site services? Head over to our Quinceañera and Bridal page for tailored services that will make your event even more spectacular.

Our Blowout Bar is your go-to for any occasion—whether it’s a big night out, a special event, or just pampering yourself. Our team is dedicated to making your styling session a fun and unforgettable experience.

Step into our Blowout Bar and let’s create hair magic together, adding that extra flair to your already awesome style! 💇‍♀️✨

Welcome to our Blowout Bar Menu! Check-in, grab a drink, and slip into our robes. Enjoy a personalized consultation with a heating pad, then head to the Lather Lounge for a pampering shampoo and conditioning massage. It’s more than a blowout—it’s your moment of self-care. Leave our Blowout Bar not just with fabulous hair but with a refreshed spirit. Elevate your style.

45 min Blowout

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