Welcome to our salon, where personalized consultations are always on the house!

Experience our unique cutting services that stand out. From the innovative Glosscut, preserving length while tackling split ends, to our specialized Curlycut for curly hair textures, we’ve got tailored solutions for diverse styles.

Our handpicked team brings expertise, ongoing education, and industry demand to ensure exceptional service every visit. As a CE Sponsor in Illinois, we’re committed to staying ahead with advanced training, keeping up with trends and innovations.

Join us for a salon experience that blends expertise, innovation, and personalized care, crafting a hairstyle that mirrors your individuality and style.

Revamp your appearance with our bespoke haircuts, catering to those refining their style or bidding adieu to pesky split ends. Our haircut sessions promise an unforgettable transformation, going beyond mere trimming.

Each appointment commences with a revitalizing cleanse, followed by a luxurious conditioning scalp massage to invigorate your hair and senses. The session culminates with a naturally stunning blow-dry finish, leaving you feeling revitalized and fashion-forward.

Elevate your refreshed look with our optional ironwork add-on, a touch of sophistication to elevate your style. Dive into our website’s Styling tab for comprehensive pricing and further details.

As a token of appreciation to our loyal regular clients, relish in complimentary cleanups for short haircuts and bang trims. New clients can enjoy these services for a minimal $10 fee, ensuring your style remains fresh between visits.

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Introducing the Glosscut – a revolutionary alternative to the classic haircut, perfect for those hesitant about losing their hair’s length. Please note, the Glosscut is not your traditional haircut; it’s a distinctive service designed to preserve your hair’s overall length while addressing split ends. You can also complement your haircut by adding the Glosscut upgrade for enhanced care.

Our specialized Glosscut technique utilizes a compact, innovative machine, no larger than a flat iron, to precisely target and trim split ends along the hair strands, leaving your hair’s length intact.

Ideal for individuals with haircut reservations, the Glosscut ensures a serene and comfortable experience. Revel in a transformation where your hair feels as delicate as angel hair post-treatment.

Here’s what to expect: our meticulous process begins with a thorough cleanse, followed by a professional blow-dry, and the option for straightening (flat ironing). Then, our skilled stylists employ the gloss cutter, ensuring precise split-end removal without compromising on your hair’s length.

Elevate your hair care routine with our exclusive Glosscut service—an innovative solution for preserving length while keeping your hair healthy and beautiful.

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Welcome to the ultimate curly hair destination in Chicagoland and the broader Midwest region, with our top-rated location nestled in Elmhurst.

Our certified Curl Hair Experts are dedicated to embracing your curls with tailored services dedicated to enhancing your unique curls.

Explore the magic of our exclusive Curly+ cutting technique, meticulously designed to unveil your natural curl pattern with finesse, creating beautifully defined, interlocking ringlets without the ‘pyramid’ shape.

For detailed pricing information on our Curly+ Experience and a full range of specialized treatments, please visit our dedicated CurlyCut+ page. This comprehensive page showcases our commitment to elevating your curl journey with VIP treatments and personalized care designed specifically for your curls.

Experience a revolution in curly hair care with us—where your curls aren’t just celebrated, but meticulously nurtured and transformed to mirror your individual beauty and style.

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