Welcome to the ultimate curly hair destination in the Midwest, where your curls are royalty!

Located in Elmhurst, our exclusive salon hub caters to the needs of your unique curls. Our certified Curly+ Hair Experts are devoted to celebrating and enhancing your natural curls through personalized services and expertise.

Unveil the enchantment of our exclusive Curly+ cutting technique, meticulously designed to reveal your natural curl pattern with elegance and precision. This revolutionary method expertly eliminates excess bulk, unlocking beautifully defined, interlocking ringlets without the ‘pyramid’ shape.

Step into our salon space crafted specifically for curly hair care. Here, our seasoned Curly Hair Experts meticulously analyze each strand, understanding your hair’s individual journey and your vision for those dreamy curls. We curate personalized plans and recommend specialized products to accentuate your distinctive curl pattern.

Explore our diverse range of services dedicated to curly hair care, scalp and hair treatments, including haircuts, blowdrys, color services, and stunning updos. Our salon provides a comprehensive experience, ensuring that your curls receive the specialized care they deserve.

Discover more about our Curly+ Experience! From comprehensive treatments to luxurious indulgences, our dedicated CurlyCut+ service ensures your curls receive the VIP treatment they deserve.

Ready to embrace a curly hair revolution? Join us where your curls aren’t just celebrated—they’re transformed and meticulously nurtured to reflect your unique beauty and style.


A scalp revolution with EVO Top Drop Scalp Treatment—a true game-changer for all scalp types, especially those battling dryness, itchiness, and irritation. This highly concentrated in-salon remedy works its magic instantly, requiring no wait time!


🌀 Soothes: Immediate relief from inflammation, itchiness, and irritation.

🌿 Protects: Craft a hydrating shield, maintaining optimal moisture levels.

⚖️ Balances: Regulate oil production for perfectly balanced natural oils.

🌬️ Calms: Experience a cool, refreshing sensation for an instantly calm scalp.

Yes, you read that right—these treatments deliver instant results. Louder for everyone: Instant impact! Revitalize your scalp, laying the foundation for nourished, balanced, and refreshed strands. Don’t forget the light blow-dry finish for that perfect touch. 🌟

Indulge in the Milbon Scalp Head Spa treatment—a transformative experience for dry, oily, itchy, or flaky scalps. Our global research identified the culprit: excess fatty acids.

Exclusive to our Head Spa service, this professional massage gel deeply exfoliates, offering instant relief from scalp issues. Enjoy a sensory journey with delightful aromatherapy scents—citrus, rose, and vanilla.

Head Spa Service:

🌿 Step 1: Purify with Gel Shampoo

🌬️ Step 2: Massage with Cleansing Spa Gel

💧 Step 3: Hydrate with Treatment

🌟 Step 4: Soothe with Moisturizer

To extend the spa vibes, take home a tube of Cleansing Spa Gel as our gift for lasting benefits week after week. Complete the experience with a Light Blow-dry Finish. Elevate your scalp health and indulge in sensory delight with Milbon Scalp Head Spa! 💆‍♀️✨

Ready for an upgrade? Unlock a special price cut by enhancing your next hair service at your upcoming appointment. 💇‍♀️✨

Milbon Scalp Head Spa+ (incl. take home)98+58

Embark on the ultimate curl revelation with our Insta-worthy Curly+ Experience

3+ hours of total pampering! Set aside some ‘me’ time and luxuriate with a cozy warm towel, heating pad, and a sip from our trendy beverage menu. Picture this: A comprehensive consultation using our cool beauty scope, magnifying your curls 30x for every detail. Post-scalp and hair treatment, soak in the luxury vibes of our lather lounge—where your unique curl journey takes center stage for the transformative Curly+ Cut. Your curls deserve the attention from the get-go, ensuring a journey as unique as your curls begins here! 🌀✨

Step into the ultimate curl journey with our Royalty worthy Curly+ Cut

2+ hours of pure curl bliss! Kick it off with a detailed consultation, analyzing those curls dry. Then, off to the lather lounge for a rejuvenating cleanse and conditioning session, complete with a leave-in conditioner during the Curly+ Cut. The real magic unfolds as we dive into each curl family, waving goodbye to that pesky pyramid shape. Post-wet shaping leads to the Curly+ Diffuse—where each curl gets the star treatment. The diffuse dry starts upright and ends there, but in between, we lean you down in our chill barber chair—close your eyes for this part too. Your curls deserve a story as unique as you—embrace it! 🌀💖

Level I220120
Level II240140
Level III260160
Level IV280180
Level V300200
Level VI320220
Level VII340240

Indulge in the Curly+ Diffuse Dry, a 45-minute curl magic!

Post-cleanse and a blissful conditioner session, you’re pampered with leave-in goodness—think lotion for your locks. Next, a tailored curl product is applied, providing the perfect hold for your dreamy look. We comb through, unite curl families, and then the grand debut—the diffuse begins sitting up, with hair diffused from a distance, before laying back in our barber chairs. Pumping up the curls, using gravity to our advantage. Your curls, your way!

 Curly + DiffuseSmooth+Straight
Level I6060
Level II7070
Level III808080
Level IV9090
Level V100100
Level VI110110
Level VII120120