Level I Colorist

Kyleigh: Your Dimensional Highlights Expert & Certified Balayage Maven!

Hey there, it’s Kyleigh! If you’re seeking hair that radiates dimension and style, welcome aboard. As a certified Master of Balayage, I specialize in Dimensional Highlights that make your hair pop with vibrancy and individuality.

But let me tell you a bit more about the world outside hair artistry! When I’m not crafting stunning hair transformations, you’ll find me embracing the spirited world of ranch riding horse shows with my beloved horse, Jackson. His grace and elegance complement my passion for precision and artistry in everything I do.

And let’s not forget about my furry friends! In between creating magic with hair, I’m accompanied by my three adorable cats, who add their own touch of charm to my life and workspace.

Here’s a fun tidbit: much like changing clothes, I change my hair color! So, while I may not resemble my most recent picture, it’s all part of my ever-evolving style and creative expression.

Beyond the color revolution and my equestrian pursuits, I’m also a certified Cezanne Keratin aficionado. I specialize in creating smooth, sleek hair that matches your on-the-go lifestyle. Frizz-free locks and effortless beauty? Count me in!

Staying ahead of the curve, I immerse myself in the latest hair trends, infusing my passion for hair artistry into every snip and stroke. My goal? To create hair that’s not just a style but an expression of your bold individuality!

Join me on a journey where dimensional highlights and cool vibes merge, speaking your language and celebrating your unique style!

Sunday            11-5

Monday           OFF

Tuesday           12-8

Wednesday      10-5

Thursday          12-8

Friday               OFF

Saturday           OFF