Makeup Artist & Esthetician

Jen: Here to share a bit about the magic I bring to the world of skincare and beauty.

Hello there, I’m Jen from ZenJen Esthetics, and I’m here to share the enchanting journey I bring to the realm of skincare and beauty.

Since 1997, I’ve been rocking the esthetician and makeup artist game. Yeah, that’s right – I’ve got over two decades of experience, and I’ve seen the beauty world evolve into what it is today.

I’m your go-to gal for all things pampering, PCA peels, and lash lifts and tints. Oh, and did I mention I’m PCA Skin Certified? I take my craft seriously, bringing a mix of professionalism and warmth to every session.

I’m not just about the beauty – I’m all about making sure your skin gets the royal treatment it deserves. Thorough and kind, that’s my mantra. And when I’m not crafting skincare wonders, good luck trying to pin me down – my kids keep me on my toes with their dance teams and sports adventures.

Looking for a highly professional and warm-hearted esthetician with hands that work wonders and a wealth of skin knowledge? Look no further. At ZENJEN Esthetics, every facial includes a consultation. I want to understand your skin’s needs and address any concerns before we dive into the magic.

So, if you’re ready to treat your skin right and experience the ZENJEN magic, book your session now. Your skin will thank you. 💆‍♀️✨ #SkincareSorcery #ZENJENMagic

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