Your New Client Experience

Your Self-Care Journey Starts Now!

We’re beyond excited to kickstart this self-care journey with you at Judith B. We’re not just a salon + spa; we’re a vibe, and we’re all about teaming up with you to achieve those self-care goals! Your trust means everything to us, and we’re here to make sure your experience is nothing short of amazing!

Prepping for Your Color Adventure

Got a color appointment coming up? or a big change? Let’s talk! Scheduling a quick consultation before your color session is our secret sauce. It helps us get what you’re vibing, ensuring your color dreams come true without any rush!


Getting Started – It’s a Vibe!

  • New Client Registration: Let’s start this off right! Fill out our [New Client Registration Form Here] so we can get the deets and make sure your experience is top-notch!
  • Check Out Our Policies: While you’re cruising through our site, give our salon policies a peek. It’s like the ultimate guidebook for your smooth ride when you come in!
  • Locking In Your Slot: Once you’ve done the form, our squad will slide into your DMs (or call, or email, your choice) ASAP to get you set up for your appointment. Or hey, you can lock in that spot right away by calling us at 630-359-3680

Your First Visit

🎉 Welcome Zone: Check-in at our front desk to update your info! Join our birthdays club and unlock more perks!

☕️ Pick Your Potion: Choose from water, coffee, tea, or indulge in red or white wine, cold brew, Mexican Hot Cocoa, and more!

🔥 Stay Cozy: We’ve got heating pads to keep you snug during your visit.

🗣️ Consultation Check: Let’s catch up before your service to align on your goals and expectations!

Specialty Perks: Discover our unique touches – heated towels, Hershey’s kisses, and more surprises!

🎁 Parting Is Sweet: Grab a welcome gift from us before you go!

📸 Say Cheese: Time for a quick pic to update your profile!

Until Next Time...

Before you depart, here are some essential details to keep your self-care journey on track:

  • Home Care Tips & Customized Plan: Your tailored plan considers your lifestyle, needs, and goals for consistent great results, all recorded in your profile for future visits.
  • Next Appointment & Rewards: Schedule your next visit and earn loyalty points before checkout, respecting your time and loyalty.
  • Also, don’t miss out on our newsletter signup and join our exclusive Facebook group for up-to-date info, last-minute appointments, and exclusive opportunities