Level V Colorist

Kelly: Your Hair Maestro & Color Specialist in Chicago and Elmhurst

I’m Kelly, a Level V Colorist, and transforming hair through vibrant hues is my forte! Since graduating from Pivot Point International in ’99, my world revolves around creating stunning color transformations. Let me guide you through the vivid journey of personalized color perfection—I’m a Color Master Specialist, adept at every stroke to match your lifestyle and image, and certified in all keratins.

Balayage, dimensional highlights, foiling—these are my artistic tools! And let’s talk blonding—blonde highlights are my absolute favorite! I pour my heart into creating shimmering blondes that turn heads. Never stop learning—that’s my mantra! You’ll often find me exploring new techniques, exchanging ideas, and upping my color game.

But beyond my passion for crafting beautiful hair lies a heart of pure gold and an unwavering commitment to honesty. I believe in listening intently to your desires and providing sincere guidance. Need advice on color choices or a transformation strategy? I’m that honest confidante guiding you toward the perfect shade to accentuate your style!

In my chair, it’s all about dedication and care. I’m not just a colorist; I’m here to curate a personalized color journey just for you. Let’s bring your hair vision to life!

Off-duty, I’m all about supporting causes close to my heart. With my quirky laugh, oversized earrings, and signature hot pink lipstick, I’m your vibrant hair expert—always ready to make you shine! Whether it’s infusing your hair with captivating colors or brightening your day with a warm, genuine demeanor, I’m committed to adding color and honesty to every aspect of your experience.

Sunday             OFF

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Wednesday      10-2

Thursday          12-7

Friday              OFF

Saturday           9-1:30