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Level I

  • Keratin Specialist
  • Extensions Specialist
  • Men’s Grooming
  • Kids
  • Blowouts


Ally is a woman after your own heart. She greets you with a smile and loves making you feel good about yourself, especially your hair! She’s naturally a self esteem booster which is why you can tell she’s chosen the right career.

Hair is a passion for Ally. She chose #teamJudithB to build her knowledge for all things hair. She loves to make people feel happy and is definitely full of some funny one-liners. But don’t let her energy confuse you. She has patience to figure out exactly what you want and wants to partner with you to find the perfect look. She’s into those little “details” that make your finished look, look so gooooood.

Ally thinks she has a tough exterior, but her smile allows you to see beyond that and into her beautiful soul. She’s very personable and serious hilarious. #truestory Ally also thinks of herself as being the most EXTRA person you’ll ever meet. Ummm. yeah, we can agree with that! But it’s amazing.

Maybe her tough exterior shows up in her consultations? She’s realistic about expectations and very honest. Don’t get ,e wrong!, she’s  open minded to your thoughts, needs, and wants, but if it’s not happening… it’s not happening.

Call the salon 877-JudithB, or book online, and come see Ally ASAP!