So this season always means BIG BIG HAIR.BIG BIG curls, volume, take-it-up-to-Jesus, Texas-cheerleader hair.  

I have Shu Uemura Volume Maker to share with you!. The Volume maker is the first precision powder brush designed for hair, containing ‘invisible’ powder that adds instant volume, texture, and lift to the roots. It’s good for all and any hair types, especially thing, fine hair that needs the extra boost or BRIDES!  It’s an upstyling MUST.

To use the Shu Uemura Volume maker, Simply click the tail end button three times and brushes the area of the head where volume is desired. It’s best to distribute with circular gestures. It can be used to provide volume and structure or to refresh (read: clean) your hair as needed. It’s similar in concept to a dry shampoo, BUT it’s invisible and non-starch based. Why a makeup brush at the end of the tube?  The limited and diffused application through the brush head itself gives control to the application.  AND keeps your digits cleaner. PLUS- Because the powder is not noticeably white, you can avoid the fussing and mussing that is normally required to blend the white of our favorite dry shampoos into your hair. No need to worry about white flakes or matching your hair color The brush does most of the blending!!

WAIT!  There’s MORE! The compact size and wand shape make it perfect to throw in your purse to go. The non aerosol form makes it airplane friendly too.

Basically this puts enough grit in your hair to be able to tease and shape it where you want it.  No hairspray required, but lesbi-honest… hairspray is always nice too.

EVEN OPRAH LOVES THIS BRUSH!  and you know she’s never wrong!

PS.  Here’s a little inspiration video for your future styles: