Rihanna+Eminem Grammy 2011

Rihanna & Eminem performing "Love The Way You Lie" at the 2011 Grammy Awards in LA

I gotta say- I loved her look- I mean dress – when she performed alongside Eminem( Love the Way You Lie) but what is up with that boring hair?

Is faded crazy red the look now? I missed the memo.  How does she go from a sweet bright red ‘FRO to this boring, suburban mom haircut?  I can tell you for a fact her previous look would’ve been better with her performances at the 2011 Grammy’s.  Especially with her wonder woman-esque outfit she wore later on.

I know that she wears many wigs and pieces which is even MORE reason to go crazier for a performance.  ESPECIALLY THE GRAMMYS! and especially when she’s a multi-performer!  Eyes are obviously going to be on her.

Rihanna's Red 'Fro

During the red carpet she walked down in a see through white dress by Jean-Paul Gaultier,  she wears amazing Chriatian Dior ball gown with Eminem and then an Amazonian Princess inspired outfit with stilettos (wish they were thigh high) with drake and all the while she has THAT hair?  Who is that?  Not the Rihanna we know and love.

She’s always been a showstopper.  Her hair has always managed to find its way into blogs, celebrity trash mags and print alike. Remember the shattered bob  with disconnected pieces through the front? Her amazing red mohawk,  authentically shaved on the sides , no faux-hawk in site? Her classic square bob with heavy fringe?  Her heavy Grey highlighting in black hair?  She should have gone all the way and had it brown with blond highlights and arrived in a crossover.

Hopefully she’ll be back to normal the next time she catches our eyes.

Rihanna (+Drake) performing "What's your Name?"  at the 2011 Grammy's in LA

Rihanna(+Drake) performing "What's your Name?" at the 2011 Grammy's in LA