There are many events where we need to have our flawless faces on.  At Judith B we have several makeup artists to help you and this is a prep list to make your makeup artist, and eventually you, happy.


BEFORE THE BIG DAY (at least a couple of weeks):

Schedule your makeup trial/consultation

Beauty Sleep

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water

Always wear sunscreen when outdoors


Wax, thread, whatever. get those unwanted facial hairs gone!

Exfoliate your face and lips a day or two before your makeup application

Beauty Sleep

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water


Bring your own WATERPROOF mascara. It’s all about the wand!  We use Motives Cosmetics and LOVE our mascara.  You can purchase mascara the day with us and fall in love with it too! Otherwise I must use a disposable wand.  For sanitary reasons, these cannot be double dipped into the tube, so they do not hold much product.  Therefore the application is not as dramatic or build-able.  So you can understand why it’s best for you to bring your own.

Bring photographs of makeup looks you like to your consultation.  It’s easier than describing.  We also love Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Google… you get the picture- literally.

Cleanse your face and remove ALL traces of makeup.  YES, even those old mascara racoon eyes you slept in.

Use a serum and moisturizer to hydrate your skin and under eye cream if needed.

Apply a lip balm to ensure that lips are smooth and flake free

Tie hair back and out of your face

Wear clothing that you do not mind getting makeup on, that can easily be taken off without touching your face (on the day of the event)