We’re so happy to be back starting June 1st! We’ve missed you so much! I know things will not be quite the same, but it’s because we love you and want to keep both us and you safe. So read below to see what your next visit with us will look like.

limited menu

Unfortunately we cannot offer our usual complementary services: Bang trims, cleanup, and blowouts. Only Haircuts will receive blowouts. No Blowout only appointments at this time.


We will expand hours and have split shifts. We will also open up Mondays to accommodate everyone’s schedules. Our new hours will be M-F 9-9p sa 9-3 su 11-5


Only client receiving services please. Children receiving services may have 1 parent/guardian with them.


Please come in as close to your appointment time. We do not have a waiting room. Please wait in your car and call us upon arrival.


Wash your hands upon arrival. Use a paper towel to open the door with your clean hands. Salon front door will be kept open so that no one is touching the door to open it.


Magazines and games… gone for now, Please bring your own “entertainment.” We will have wi-fi available as usual.


BYOB Bring your own beverage, it’s safe for you, safe for us.

social distance

Safe distancing is to be practiced at all times, waiting areas as well as service areas. Every other station will need to be empty to allow for safe distancing.


Everyone will be wearing a mask, yes you too. We have surgical tape to attach your mask to your face for shampooing and color.


We are adding a cleanup and sanitation time after each person. We are using a hospital grade disinfectant as well as a UVC light for tools and implements. Of course, frequent hand washing.


One client at the desk at a time please. Please stay behind the acrylic dividers and wear your mask. Use hand sanitizer or wash your hands after your transaction.

Sign caution STOP COVID-19 coronavirus vector icon flat style on white background

If you have been in contact with anyone with a confirmed case of COVI19, please reschedule your appointments 14 days after the last, most recent contact.


If you have traveled outside the continental US, especially overseas, please reschedule appointments 14 days after your return.

stay home

If you feel unwell or are showing symptoms of COVID-19, please contact your physician and reschedule your appointment¬†after you have been given the “all clear.”


If you are self-isolating for other reasons, please continue to stay home, we’ll be here for you when you’re ready.