After the ball drops, or in our case, the star rises something click in our head and makes us want to pick up the phone and make an appointment with our hairdresser and ask for the “New Year, New Me” look. Some inspired by the champagne clinking or the New Year’s kisses but usually the advice comes from the artist about to carve our look for the world to see.

2015 was all about the lazy hair, undone styles refined from their 90s counterparts. This year has moved that laziness into texture, texture texture! And we’re so excited Attention curly-kids! Yes, even you boys can rejoice!

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But what about hair color? Hairdressers have to be aware of the client’s skin tone & eye color. Everyone has their own unique genetic makeup and that’s the biggest factor on why something does or doesn’t look good. Think back when you were in grade school. YEP, that’s the look. Timeless, child-like hair. On the runway that almost all you saw. Natural, beach hair with soft, highlights complimenting your already beautiful color that your DNA picked out. Basically, no dye-job looks, just vacation hair. Less trips to the salon because your roots grow out subtly. And on the flip-side, the creatives, like us, still can rock this look with those crazy pastel colors. hmmm how to convince everyone my pink hair is natural?


Fashion week Hair trends from Men’s Spring 2016 collections are screaming the revival of vintage hairstyles! Yii-aay! We’ve been already prepping for that, still lovin’ those hard parts. And no, you don’t have to hair straight hair, there is something for everybody, no matter what your hair type (I told you curly-boys) or length is: Fifties slick hair, hard parts, revived pompadours, textured curls and redefined fringe. And yes, beards are still “in” as well as clean shaven. Anything goes.

Beard-Styles-2015-Bushy-500x500 1417167169_long-hairstyles-2015-for-men hipster-curly-haircutlong-curly-hair-for-men-for-2016  short-haircut-for-men-with-bangs-2016-edgymessy-pompadour-men Mens-Hairstyles-20151ed38e4bd6df488aae92dfd911b5883ef


Bridal looks continue with the undone texture we love: soft braids, messy buns, soft rolls. But these looks have a sleek and sophisticated counterpart. Wet pony-tails that showcase bridal head pieces and those beautiful faces. So happy there’s something for every bride out there.

Ines-Di-Santo-Bridal-Spring-2016 Carolina-Herrera-Bridal-Spring-2016 Galia-Lahav-Bridal-Spring-2016 Reem-Acra-Bridal-Spring-2016 Pamella-Roland-Bridal-Spring-2016

And I didn’t forget the little ones! Go big or go home! BIG TEXTURE or slick hard parts, Classic styles or trendy 2016 looks, fortunately for them, they’re looks fall on whatever they’re inspired by…just like us.

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