Andrew Collinge, twice British Hairdresser of the Year, demonstrates his internationally famous talent for dressing long hair. A series of 4 short vids makes the putting up of long hair fun & easy to achieve; Andrew takes just minutes to achieve and require only one pin to secure. Additional content includes a Gallery of images drawn from Andrew’s 30 year career – he tells the stories behind the styles.

The Two Minute Up-Do app, in association with Denman, is available now to download for free. It features an interactive gallery of the Collinge family history of hairdressing, now over a century old, alongside Andrew talking about some of his favourite long hairstyles that he has created over the years. The app also includes an interactive Denman catalog, with a large selection of brushes and styling tools.

We all love Denman!

Download Andrew Collinge’s new Two Minute Up-Do app for iphone. You’ll get the step-by-steps for four classic updos! Once the free app has been downloaded, these videos can be ordered from within the app. They cost £1.19 ($1.95) each and you’ll be helping out the Design for Life Appeal, which aims to raise £2million ($3.28mil) to transform the lives of those with learning difficulties.  ALL PROCEEDS GO TO CHARITY.

Why does everything have to be on an iphone?  HELLO?  There’s a few of us out her that are Android-based!