Esperanza Spalding?  Who is she?  I had no idea until she took the Grammy for best new artist of 2011.  The 26-year-old jazz singer beat Justin Biebre , Drake, Florence+The Machine and Mumford and Sons.

Now I’m all over it!  I’ve looked her up, read her wikipedia entry (which i will mention briefly  later) and made a station on Pandora.  She’s fantastic to hear and see!  The dress she wore was amazing and her hair- LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it!

No its not cut perfectly round- who knows when the last time she had it cut, but I have to say that’s part of its charm.

Esperanza Spalding,Grammys 2011

Even with that do look how she worked it into an updo!  and that dress, from head to toe  she looks great.  If I had to change anything, I would’ve just made a stronger statement with makeup, strong lips or eyes.

Anyway, back to what she’s really about: music.  Like I said before, I didn’t even know who she was, but am now completely intrigued.

I went to her wiki page immediately and couldn’t believe the things people were “editing” into her entry. Death threats, racial slur and nasty name calling.  I tried to contact the wiki people, but by the time I found the info, it was already corrected.  PHEW! I get why the Beiber’s fans were upset, but this act just shows how childish they are.  I don’t want to blame Justin Beiber fans but its kinda obvious.

I WISH  HER ALL  the successes life can bring and hope that the Grammy’s Best New Artist curse doesn’t  fall upon her.  But on a brighter note, most of the winners have gone onto success.  Look through the past winners.

I’m excited that’s she’s on the scene.  She’ll bring more light to her under appreciated jazz and natural hair!


You can thank her mother for promising her daughter to never let LYE touch that scalp.  She keeps it natural and has a simple routine of washing it once a week and applying natural oils while twisting it to keep it from tangling while it dries.

Esperanza Spalding for Banana Republic

Esperanza Spalding for Banana Republic

Unfortunately she doesn’t cut it often because she feels she “looses”  alot of hair.  Someone needs to tell her that everyone loses, on average , 100-200 hairs a day. and if you only brush and wash it once a week that’s about 500-1,000 hairs.  People with straight hair don’t notice it as much as their curlier friends because sometimes the wind alone blows out those strays (strays in curly hair get “stuck” until they’re brush out).

Regardless, I wish we saw more natural hair on the streets.

It’s beautiful!

She’s beautiful.