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Exercising and Eating Healthy for your Hair

We all have heard it a million times over exercise is good for your health.  Your heart health, your mental health your any problem you have can be cured with exercise health.  But did you also know that exercise has a connection to your hair’s health? Just giving you another reason to stick to that resolution this year!


Maybe you did but didn’t know exactly how or what it did to said follicles. I repeat myself daily, usually more than once a day, in saying ” You want your hair to grow and stay healthy?  You need to take a multi, Omega and Biotin vitamins, drink water like its going outta style, nutritious diet and exercise.”  Most people do 2 out of 4.  Eh, not too shabby- but all are a must if you want fast results.

INCREASE SHINE – Lack of physical activity will definitely lead to brittle or lusterless hair.  If you spend endless amounts of time in front of your computer or boob TV and have a bad posture then not a strand will shine back at you.

Increase Flexibility – Exercise increases circulation in the body bring all the healthy, oxygenated blood to all your cells, organs, etc, INCLUDING your hair follicles.  YES the hair growing outta your head may be “dead” but that hair follicle is “alive” and needs nourishment!  So exercise! Especially concentrate on exercises that increase the flexibility of your neck and back. Vitamin-Rich Circulated Blood =nourishment of the hair follicles, resulting in hair that is healthier and more in volume.

NOTE: Boob Tube watching/ Sitting creates poor circulation for your head.

HAIR STRESS= HAIR LOSS – Poor circulation+age+STRESS=potent combination for hair loss.  Exercising helps you RELAX.  (This is what I meant when I said mental health earlier.) Hence, no stress.  Sooo…  you just lowered your chances of pulling out clumps of hair from the drain!

MEDICATIONS – This goes back to exercise being good for general health. Eating a nutritious diet, taking your vitamins, drinking water and exercising helps your hair grow, grow, grow and stay healthy and shiny; All things we love to see in hair.

BUT some medications have adverse effects like hair loss, brittle locks or dull strands soooo…  If you can “cure” yourself with a sometimes harder, but better than popping a pill everyday and definitely more rewarding lifestyle your hair will love you for it.  DISCLAIMER:  I’m not saying stops your meds!  Talk to your doctor about that and your hair concerns.

SIDE NOTE:  If you never took vitamins before and swear by Prenatal vitamins have you ever thought that maybe a regular one might have sufficed?  AND REMEMBER- before vitamins get to the hair it goes to organs first.  I believe those are a little more important than hair anyway, just a little.


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One of my favorite type of movies to watch are documentaries.  Currently I’m really into food/health related documentaries. FORK OVER KNIVES  people!  A must-see.  I think Seth, my fiance, just had a eye-opening experience:  animal products are making us unhealthy?!and Plant-based is where we all should be?  Um- yeah. I think most people know that.  I’m not sure if I agree wholly on the VEGAN diet.  I feel its a little extreme and almost vegetarian / glutin-free diet is where I want to be.  By the way, I also have friends that are hardcore into raw foods- yeah I don’t think I can ever get there either.

I think it has to to with the fact that I’m changing my life to follow the Dr. D’Adamo’s Blood Type Diet: EAT RIGHT FOR YOUR TYPE  AND ask Seth as my witness, I’m lovin’ the feeling I have from NOT eating red meat and most poultry.  I’m only having Turkey as my “meat” currently, but I have to say, I  do miss bacon- luckily there’s turkey bacon!

My blood type is the rare, but universal receiver (yii-aay me!) – AB.  The “modern” blood type AB that  sensitive digestive tract and should avoid chicken, beef, and pork but enjoy seafood, tofu, dairy, and most produce.  ABs benefit from calming exercises like Yoga.  I’ll be getting into that later on this year.

BUT THE BEST THING ABOUT BEING THIS BLOOD TYPE HAS TO BE:  JESUS.  We share the same type.  Yeah, I know, I’m just as amazing.

I am, however, not taking any supplements recommended by the site.  I am taking Metagenics’ Muli-Vitamin, Omega Complex, CoQ10, and Vitamin D (which everyone here in Chicago should be taking!) care of  Park Ave Wellness.  Thanks Dr. Brian.

BUT tomorrow is a big day.  I got my juicer, finally! care of an AMAZING deal via Groupon and I’m going produce shopping for my juicing detox. SIDE NOTE:  I also watched FAT, SICK AND NEARLY DEAD (available on Netflix instant watch and sites like HULU for instance watching pleasure.)  The film chronicles Aussie, Joe Cross, in his  personal mission to regain his health.  Watch the trailer below.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not that extreme.  I’m not planning on doing a 60-day, juice-only diet because I’m not leaving my position at work or keeping my juicer in the trunk of my car so I can consume my fresh juice within minutes.  After taking the REBOOT assesment ( I’ve decided on trying the 15-day Reboot Entry Program.  I’ll keep you updated on how it goes.

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