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HAPPY 2017


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2011 NAHA Avant Garde Winner

The NAHA Awards Ceremony truly exemplifies the dedication, inspiration and excitement of the beauty industry. Spectacular performances, artistic presentations by the industry’s leading stylists, and special appearances by famous fashionistas and beauty lovers alike make this Ceremony a non-stop party and the most inspirational beauty event you will attend all year! – NAHA website

The winners have been announced!  I know the gallery pic looks small but click on the  image to it in its full size.

2011 NAHA Avant Garde Winner

Jake Thompson
Salt Lake City, UT
Photographer: Kevin Schidel

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iPhone updo app!

Andrew Collinge, twice British Hairdresser of the Year, demonstrates his internationally famous talent for dressing long hair. A series of 4 short vids makes the putting up of long hair fun & easy to achieve; Andrew takes just minutes to achieve and require only one pin to secure. Additional content includes a Gallery of images drawn from Andrew’s 30 year career – he tells the stories behind the styles.

The Two Minute Up-Do app, in association with Denman, is available now to download for free. It features an interactive gallery of the Collinge family history of hairdressing, now over a century old, alongside Andrew talking about some of his favourite long hairstyles that he has created over the years. The app also includes an interactive Denman catalog, with a large selection of brushes and styling tools.

We all love Denman!

Download Andrew Collinge’s new Two Minute Up-Do app for iphone. You’ll get the step-by-steps for four classic updos! Once the free app has been downloaded, these videos can be ordered from within the app. They cost £1.19 ($1.95) each and you’ll be helping out the Design for Life Appeal, which aims to raise £2million ($3.28mil) to transform the lives of those with learning difficulties.  ALL PROCEEDS GO TO CHARITY.

Why does everything have to be on an iphone?  HELLO?  There’s a few of us out her that are Android-based!

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HAIR WARS Chicago – APRIL 17th, 2011

Hair Wars Supreme Salon Tour 2011


Chicago – Enclave Nightclub will be home to salons from across the Chicagoland area this month with the 11th Annual Hair Wars Supreme Salon Tour competition on Sunday April 17, 2011, sponsored by SEBASTIAN. Hosted by BRAVO’s Shear Genius finalist Ben Mollin, top-notch Chicago salons will take it to the catwalk to showcase their creative talent in the ultimate hair competition. Ten salons will be competing for the coveted national title of Supreme Salon.  Alex Goykhman will not only be snapping pictures of the eccentric hair styles coming down the runway, he’ll take your glam shot too!

Each salon will feature its own theme, routines and distinctive hair styles which best represent their artistic abilities.Chi-town Salons participating in this year are:

  • Aniko Salon & Spa
  • Michael Allan Studio
  • Juan Daniel Hair Salon
  • Colloriffic Coffure
  • MGo Fashions
  • Suite 115 Salon
  • Verto Salon
  • Planet Color Salon
  • Lisa Thomas
  • Rockstar Fades
  • Aqua Salon.

The Supreme Salon tour travels through Scottsdale, San Diego, Chicago & Washington D.C. searching for top salons that display superb creativity and style within their region. The top three salons will proceed to Las Vegas for the chance to win the NATIONAL Supreme Salon title and a cash prize.

Guests that arrive between 9p.m. and 10p.m. will receive complimentary entry with an event invite that can be picked up at any of the participating salon locations or printed from home (see promo flyer)  In addition, the first 200 guests before 10p.m. will receive a gift bag.

Over nine years ago, event producer Benjamin Moline, brought this exciting show to life at a top night club in Chicago. Since then, the Supreme Salon Tour has traveled to and conquered Scottsdale,Arizona and Las Vegas. This show has had over 150 salons competing since 2000. Salons that place in the top three of their regional show have the opportunity to move on to the Nationals.

Recently, the first ever National finals was held in Las Vegas at Wasted Space in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. The show was filmed and edited for pilot purposes. We have submitted the pilot to all of the major reality channels in the U.S. The Supreme Salon Tour has been approached to do this production in other countries as well, which is under consideration.

The Supreme Salon Tour “HAIR WARS” is a runway hair and fashion competition, that is judged and awarded. This show consists of top salons all over the country, displaying their creativity and style within their region. The top three salons in each city will move on to a National Finals.

Our goal is to host this industry night throughout the world searching for top salons, stylists, makeup artists, models, accessories, costuming, fashion lines & designers. Each show is filmed for pilot purposes with intentions of obtaining major sponsorships and media partners.– via SUPREME SALON

VISIT : for more details


I feel like some people at these things actually have talent while others are just messy. I think I’m going to go to this Hair Wars and check out the “competition” and have Effigy Salon (my salon)  compete in it next year. THE BAR NEEDS TO BE RAISED!

But for $250 and
• Salons can have no more than 10 artists back-stage for this competition
• Salons will have to provide their own models (10 total )
• Salons must not use full wigs
• Salons can use extensions and props (props will have to be cleared by Windy City Media)
• Salons are responsible for their own music and routine (5 -10 minutes)
• Salons are responsible for their own clothing or costuming (no genital nudity)

you can compete.  I think you might be late this year- but see you in 2012!

Age: 21+ | Capacity: 1000
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HJ 2011 British Hairdressing Awards are open

It’s official!  The 27th annual Hairdresser’s Journal

2011 British Hairdressing Awards,

sponsored by Schwarzkopf Professional, have launched!


There’s no better way to make a name for yourself in the beauty industry than to enter one of the many respected competitions, awards or events.  Even if you’re not lucky enough to win, the publicity surrounding these events ensure that your name will be promoted throughout the industry, and your work will be seen by some of the biggest names in the business –
and, most likely,  published.
Hairdresser’s Journal’s British Hairdressing Awards 2011, sponsored by Schwarzopf Professional

Who can enter?
All qualified hairdressers who have been working in the UK for a minimum of three years; with the exception of Newcomer of the Year, where entrants should be 25 years and under, with a regular column in the salon.
What are the details?
For initial entry, submit four photographs created in the past 12 months, which depict current trends in a creative and inspirational way. Call the number below or visit for more details, as specific requirements for each category vary.
What is the prize?
A trophy, PR support, and a prestigious title from the ‘Oscars’ of the hairdressing industry.
Where can I get the information?
Call 020 8652 8845 or go to
If you’re in the area, Download Entry Form here.

Angelo Seminara, one of my favorite & inspiring hairdressers, won British Hairdresser of the Year 2007 &  2010

Here’s one of his looks from last years competition.

Each year, hundreds of hairdressers from all over the UK dedicate months of hard work preparing their entries.

There are 15 categories to enter, which include a variety of disciplines, regional and specialist categories:


Artistic Team

Avant Garde



Colour Technician

and the most prestigious award – British Hairdresser of the Year.

Take an hour and look through last year’s winners & entries.

Even the newcomers category will blow you away.  Here’s a sample:

Eastern Hairdresser of the Year
of the Year
London Hairdresser of the Year
London Hairdresser
of the Year
Midlands Hairdresser of the Year
Midlands Hairdresser
of the Year
North Eastern Hairdresser of the Year
North Eastern Hairdresser
of the Year
Northen Ireland Hairdresser of the Year
Northern Ireland Hairdresser
of the Year
North Western Hairdresser of the Year
North Western Hairdresser
of the Year
Scottish Hairdresser of the Year
Scottish Hairdresser
of the Year
Southern Hairdresser of the Year
Southern Hairdresser
of the Year
Wales and South Western Hairdresser of the Year
Wales and
South West Hairdresser
of the Year


Don’t forget to also check out the nominees for 2010

Any  hairdresser can compete with the biggest names in the industry on a level playing field. This competition is based on photographic entries that demonstrate the skills & talents of the entrant. All entries are judged independently by a distinguished panel, with all entries remaining anonymous, and results counted and compiled by an independent firm of auditors.

HJ’s British Hairdresser of the Year is the most prestigious prize in hairdressing. Each year the shortlist is nominated by an anonymous panel of hairdressing experts.  The nominees then create a collection of hairstyle photography that demonstrates their hairdressing skills and submit a CV that proves why they should be the hairdressing ambassador that is the British Hairdresser of the Year.

Competitions like this have significantly raised the bar of hairdressing in general. Let alone British hairdressing!   It’s huge publicity for all who make it in the top tier.  And winners, even if unknown, become overnight sensations.  The most pretigious award of the night – British Hairdresser of the Year – is recognized worldwide.  The winner officially becomes the ambassador for British hairdressing and appears on all forms of media outlets: TV, Radio, Print, Commercials, etc


If you’re in the area, Download Entry Form here.

Closing date for entries is 5pm, Friday 24th June 2011.

The Awards will be announced on Monday 28th November 2011

at Grosvenor House, A JW Marriott Hotel, Park Lane, London W1.


I’m excited to see the results!

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Hairbrained is a social network of Hair Stylists, Salon Owners, and Educators from around the world. All together on one website to bring you the latest in the industry.

Some people compare it to facebook for hairdressers, but in reality it’s more than that.  It’s an amazing resource: Great member blogs, groups and forums which give us tons of insight on equipment, tools and products as well as inspirational photo galleries (my fav) for your viewing pleasure.

Currently has 10,000 members with a new goal of 20,000 (maybe next year)

Here’s a video of Paul Mitchel’s Robert Cromeans (Video by Takashi Kitamura)


If you’re into hair the way I am and haven’t joined hairbrained, go now!

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Sam Villa TEXTUR Professional Texturizing Iron

aka micro-crimper.

I just bought this amazing tool at ABS Chicago and couldn’t WAIT to use it!

My salon, Effigy Salon, had an Indie Rock Night and a few of us (stylists) were offering creative styles for the occasion.  Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to get my TEXTUR Iron into some willing hair!  Needless to say,  it was more than I hoped for!  I now have a need to micro-crimp everyone!  I’m actually excited for PROM season, I’m still thinking brides won’t be too keen on the idea of having a micro-crimped upstyle.

After seeing the runway looks from the Fashion weeks in Feb/Mar, and the amazing session work coming from our favorites mag’s avant garde tear sheets; a tool like this will add to the options available to create those looks as well as inspiring you to invent new ones.  I’m over poker straight looks- been for a while now-  and I’m glad the general public is also moving away too. Less Japanese Straightening- more Keratin Express and soon Digital Perms, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Thermal tools are the best way to achieve textured looks. First, keep in mind the three components of using thermal tools, including straightening and texturizing irons:

  1. Heat to alter the hydrogen bonds in the hair.
  2. Compression to remove wrinkles and add shine.
  3. Tension to determine how stretched and straight the hair will be.

“I wanted to bring a tool to market specifically designed for creating texture, and I wanted it to meet the highest standards of performance and durability,” explains Sam Villa, founding partner of the Sam Villa brand and Education Artistic Director for Redken 5th Avenue.

Some of the Textur Iron’s features  (via  Sam Villa):


You will protect the integrity of the hair with the Targeted Temperature Technology that ensures consistent temperatures for specific hair types.  Colored LED indicators guarantee you always know your working temperature:

(GREEN) LOW = 375° for fine hair
(AMBER ) COLOR TREATED = 392° for most hair types, especially for color treated hair
(RED) HIGH = 410° for virgin or highly resistant hair

AND… Rear Temperature Control Band makes it impossible for you to accidentally turn off the power switch!


  • Rounded Plates: Square plates snag the hair. Sam Villa’s exclusive rounded plates ensure you a snag-free glide and significantly lessens the possibility of demarcations
  • Flexible Plate Assembly: Hybrid plate design gives you complete control for even compression every time!
  • Titanium Coated Plates: Coated  Textur® plates (titanium) which makes it easy for you to keep the plates clean


Ergonomic Benefits: The handles of the irons fit any hand size. The slightly longer body gives you more control over the degree of compression with less wrist/hand fatigue.

Design Innovation:” I’ve designed these irons to meet my highest standards of performance and durability” Sam Villa

Don’t be jealous- get your own! Sam Villa Signature Series TEXTUR Texturizing Iron, $229.95 (retail) at It also comes with a phenomenal 2Disc DVD set that showcases not only how to use the Texture Iron, but  techniques using a flat iron or curling iron as well- 21 all together.

• Rotating Temperature Controls: Help protect the integrity of hair, each with colored LED indicators.
LOW = 375° for fine hair
COLOR TREATED = 392° for most hair types, especially for color treated hair
HIGH = 410° for virgin or highly resistant hair.The Temperature Control Band is positioned at the end of the iron, which I’ve NEVER seen before, making it impossible to accidentally turn off the power while working!Other features:
• Snag Free Rounded Plates: Square plates snag hair, Sam Villa’s exclusive rounded plates ensure a snag-free glide and significantly reduces the possibility of demarcations.
• Flexible Plate Assembly: A hybrid plate design gives complete control for even compression every time.
• Titanium Coated Plates: Makes it easy to keep plates clean.
• Ergonomic Benefits: Handles are designed to fit any hand size. The slightly longer body gives more control over the degree of compression with less wrist/hand fatigue.Be sure to check it out!!
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America’s Beauty Show…

America’s Beauty Show, formerly the Midwest Beauty Show has been going strong for 80years!  Going on now, March 12-14 at Chicago’s McCormick Place.

There, the top educators, most successful salon owners and coolest platform artists will inspire and challenge you to take your business—and yourself—to the next level.

I practically would’ve stayed at the ABS RUNWAY all day given all the great presentations that were going on:

SUNDAY – March 13
Farouk with Rocky Vitelli and Leonel Rodriguez – 9:30-9:45am
Sassoon with Mark Hayes & The Sassoon Academy Creative Team – 9:55-10:15am
Toni & Guy with Zak Mascolo, Darian Bishop, Joseph Marzioli & Samatha Finley – 10:25-10:55am
Paul Mitchell with Robert Cromeans, Stephanie Kocielski, Angus Mitchell & Takashi Kitamura – 11:05-11:30am
Irvine & Louise Rusk – 12-12:40pm
Intercoiffure featuring Vivienne Mackinder, Gina Khan & Jo Blackwell-Preston– 12:50-1:50
Anthony Mascolo – 2:00-2:50pm
Pivot Point International featuring Yolly ten Koppel – 3:00-3:15pm
Nick Arrojo – 3:25-4:05pm
Matrix with Brian & Sandra Smith, Chrystofer Benson & Daniel Roldan – 4:15-4:35pm
American Crew with Theri DeJoode– 4:45-5:05pm

I even saw the hairdresser’s photographer BABAK snapping shots of the models and talents on stage.

BUT  there was too much to see and shop for on the main floor.  Including the legendary man himself, Vidal Sassoon.  Bought my copy of Vidal: The Autobiography for $30, released Feb 24th, 2011. I suggest you buy it on AMAZON for less ($18.45)  Yes it was a rush purchase!  Mainly because I needed to get it signed and take another picture to add to my collection of Celebrity hairdressers.

I’ll be there tomorrow mainly to watch some great platform work and continue to be inspired by some of the classes offered by the NCA/CCA.  Here’s Monday’s ABS RUNWAY SCHEDULE.  Yes, I’ll be there for Tabatha.

MONDAY – March 14
Student Conference presenting Ted Gibson & Yolly ten Koppel – 8:30am-10:00am
American Crew with Theri DeJoode – 10:10am-10:30am
Tabatha Coffey – 10:40am-11:20am
CND Shellac™ & Fashion Fusion INTA Conference with Jan Arnold of CND – 11:30am-2:30pm

Pictures will be posted ASAP with the collection work and trends of the famous hair “houses.”

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2011 Hair Trends

Parisian Import, Stylist Francky L'Official

Francky L’Official (Real Housewives if New York) hairdresser and salon owner talks about the new 2011 hair trends and his new product launch for HSN in June and how he loves LABEL M Dry Shampoo!

Nika Mavrody ( The Fashion Spot )interviewed him at NY Fashion week in the Ford Artists Beauty Suite.

L’Official talks about the new (but not so new) 2011 trends is the undone look and a few more.


(if you can’t see the video CLICK HERE to watch straight from YouTube)

I personally have always liked this look and agree with L’Official that too much mess- is just a hot mess! The perfect combination of tailored and messy works well. He also mentions the beach wave, 1920s finger wave(Thank you Mad Men). LOVE IT!

He DID however forget to mention a few: eclectic ponytails, BIG EVENING HAIR, tight chignons/ braided chignons, zig-zag/crimping, the more masculine side of this year’s trends- refined punk, braids and of course- combinations

of any of the aforementioned styles.

Visit the chic Fracky L’Official salon in NY:

Review on the Label M Dry Shampoo L’Official mentioned to come.

Wicked Barnet Fair at Vera Wang



Zig Zag Crimping at Marc by Marc Jacobs


Eclectic ponytails at Carolina Herrera



1920s inspired- straight and curly combination at Badgley Mishka


Tribal braids at Alexander McQueen



and, of course, the clean, side parts at Prada

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So much going on, so litte time

I have a list of things I need to cover here!

Look for the following posts to satisfy:

Mercedes Benz NY Fashion Week FEB 10-17  featuring NY FALL/WINTER 2011

London Fashion Week FEB 18-23 featuring LONDON FALL/WINTER 2011

83rd Annual Academy Awards FEB 27th

Milan Fashion Week FEB 24-28 FALL/WINTER 2011

Paris Fashion Week MAR 1-9 FALL/WINTER 2011

America’s Beauty Show MAR 12-14 showcasing HAIR & Beauty Trends and products for 2011+ (Chicago)

Midwest International Salon and Spa Expo MAR 26-28 By the industry for the industry, Midwest edition. (Chicago)

AND OF COURSE… industry talk, then reviews: products, tips & tricks, equipment & tools!


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