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Makeup Prepping for that big event


There are many events where we need to have our flawless faces on.  At Judith B we have several makeup artists to help you and this is a prep list to make your makeup artist, and eventually you, happy.


BEFORE THE BIG DAY (at least a couple of weeks):

Schedule your makeup trial/consultation

Beauty Sleep

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water

Always wear sunscreen when outdoors


Wax, thread, whatever. get those unwanted facial hairs gone!

Exfoliate your face and lips a day or two before your makeup application

Beauty Sleep

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water


Bring your own WATERPROOF mascara. It’s all about the wand!  We use Motives Cosmetics and LOVE our mascara.  You can purchase mascara the day with us and fall in love with it too! Otherwise I must use a disposable wand.  For sanitary reasons, these cannot be double dipped into the tube, so they do not hold much product.  Therefore the application is not as dramatic or build-able.  So you can understand why it’s best for you to bring your own.

Bring photographs of makeup looks you like to your consultation.  It’s easier than describing.  We also love Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Google… you get the picture- literally.

Cleanse your face and remove ALL traces of makeup.  YES, even those old mascara racoon eyes you slept in.

Use a serum and moisturizer to hydrate your skin and under eye cream if needed.

Apply a lip balm to ensure that lips are smooth and flake free

Tie hair back and out of your face

Wear clothing that you do not mind getting makeup on, that can easily be taken off without touching your face (on the day of the event)

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HOT NEW HAIR TREND “reverse washing”

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Have you tried the latest trend in shampooing?  It’s called “reverse hair washing.”   Behind the chair,  I talk about how to “properly” wash your hair to someone DAILY (read through for proper shampooing instructions ) and this throws a little bend in my usual instructions but it makes some perfect sense.  Let me explain.

MOST PEOPLE  shampoo (sometimes twice) then massage conditioner from roots to ends (a big no-no) and waited two minutes before rinsing.  Fans of this hot new trend will supposedly leave even fine hair looking with va-va-va-volume without product and blowout.

What they are discovering is no matter how well you rinse your hair after conditioning, you never quite manage to get it all out and the residue weighs your hair down, making it limp and dull.  How is this possible?  I’ll tell you why. Cheap shampoos and conditioners.

The advocates of reverse shampooing are using OTC shampoo and conditioners that are full of sulfates (detergents) and wax that coat hair and make it flat and limp. So when you shampoo your hair after conditioner, you’re actually washing aways a couple coats of that waxy conditioner and your hair is POOF, like magic, more voluminous.

BUT that’s not the big deal.  The big deal is that the only thing alive in your hair is the hair follicle, which is located under the skin.  How you nourish that is through a healthy diet, vitamins, water and exercise.  WHat grows out is technically “dead.”  So if you want shiny, frizz-free, breakage-free locks and they’re not growing out of your head that way you need GOOD QUALITY PRODUCTS, low heat styling and timely haircuts on those locks.

This is how I look when I shampoo my hair, don't you?

This is how I look when I shampoo my hair, don’t you?

To properly shampoo your hair you should:

1. COMB – Detangling now, helps you later.

2.RINSE, RINSE, RINSE – lots of that superficial dirt and oil can be rinsed done the drain without anything touching it at first.  Not to be gross, but back in the 90s when I was in beauty school and I would wash those 1-week shampoo clients, woah! WHen I first started rinsing the water would BEAD off their hair because of the oil, then when it would penetrate the water looked like a foamy mess going down the drain BEFORE shampoo was ever introduced.  Doing this will save you scrub time and not to mention $$$, now you use LESS shampoo.

3. SCRUB, SCRUB, SCRUB – This scrubbing motion helps to loosen dirt and clean your hair. Don’t massage!  SCRUB.  If you are sudsing, guess what?  you don’t need another shampoo.  Suds are a clear sign your hair is CLEAN.  Scrubbing also helps  stimulate blood-flow to the scalp encouraging healthy hair and scalp by delivering that nutrient rich blood from your healthy diet and vitamins you’re taking, right?

4. RINSE – all of it. OUT!

5. CONDITION ENDS ONLY! – Your scalp doesn’t need conditioner, usually.  Your scalp produces oils and conditions your hair naturally.  If you put conditioner on their, plus your oils- BOOM!  greasy, flat hair.  SHort hair, doesn’t even need conditioner in most cases every day, just occasionally.  If your scalp is super-dooper dry, I recommend a monthly scalp treatment with your haircuts and scalp soothing oils.  Conditioner might help temporarily relieve this issue but it’s too thick to nourish the scalp.

6. RINSE, AGAIN – but this time, after it’s all out rinse yourself with cool H2O. This will close the cuticles and give your hair added shine.

7. TOWEL DRY – Never rub the hair. ESPECIALLY curly or fine hair.  And if you have both?  Woah! More of a reason to stop rubbin’.   This causes tangling and damage the cuticle of the hair. You need to tak ethat towel and pat and squeeze the water out. Ladies and Gents – perfect your turbans.


WIDE TOOTH COMB – no brushes please!


1. Washing too often will dry your hair out.  Start by washing every other day.  SO your hair is greasy by the end of the day?  That’s because you’re over washing. It happens to your skin as well.  You body naturally produces more oil to keep you moisturized because it knows your leaving it with nothing by over washing.

2. Professional products only require a quarter or less sized amount of shampoo and conditioner.  Higher end lines like #Oribe and #ShuUemura say only a dime. AND THEY MEAN IT.   Yeah, that cheap OTC stuff you use is actually costing you more money because you glob it into your hair and buy it every week.  My shampoo usually lasts me about 5-6 months and when my hair is short- probably a year.  I know it’s sometimes a big initial sticker price, but it’s sooooo worth it  to use high quality ingredients.

3. WET HAIR IS FRAGILE.  It can break!  It’s also more elastic (that’s why your hair is longer when it’s wet!  WOW- just blew your mind, I know)  Be gently when you comb (wide tooth, preferably) through it – no brush ! Because you can be the reason you get breakage and split ends. And to my Rapunzels out there – I don’t like round brushes that much, but if you’re going to use one, finger dry your hair 80% before using your round brush.  That brush has lots of tension and your wet,fragile hair loves to SNAP under pressure and 380F blow dry heat.

Thank you, and have a nice day!

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Makeup Tip: Don’t skimp on skin care


European women seem to have a little secret, they don’t skimp on skin care.  Recently I heard an interesting statistic about European women vs American women regarding skin care and makeup.  Don’t quote me on the exact % but it’s something crazy like this: In reference to the money spent on skin care and makeup, Europeans spend 75% on skin care and 25% on makeup- Americans are the exact opposite with 25% on skin care and 75% on makeup.  I’m going to admit that these numbers are off for me.  I probably spend 10% on skin care and 90% on makeup!

AND IT GETS WORSE!  Studies show that French women spend more on facial skincare products than their neighbors in Italy, Spain, Germany or the UK. Overall, nearly two-thirds of French women — or 62 percent — use anti-wrinkle products. (In France, a girl will begin applying anti-aging creams as early as age 15.) Nica Lewis, Head Consultant Mintel Beauty Innovation, said “Facial skincare is clearly an important part of the beauty routine for French women and these figures confirm that. ” It’s a different story when it comes to makeup. Wearing too much, according to French women, makes you look old.  I AGREE! Makeup can and does age you!

Europe has banned 1,100 chemicals in cosmetics; the Food and Drug Administration in America has banned only ten. TEN!  can you believe that!  Cover Girl waterproof mascara contains the same ingredient (petroleum distillates, an oil by-product) as Dr. Scholl’s Wart Remover—both of which are illegal in Europe.

Let’s look at U.S. legislation and  European law:

The U.S. Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act defines cosmetics as products for “cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness, or altering the appearance.”   Intentionally vague language allowing manufacturers to produce questionable merchandise without the risk of government interference.

The European Union Cosmetics Directive (EUCD) defines a cosmetic as “any substance or preparation intended to be placed in contact with the various external parts of the human body (epidermis, hair system, nails, lips and external genital organs) or with the teeth and the mucous membranes of the oral cavity with a view exclusively or mainly to cleaning them, perfuming them, changing their appearance, and/or correcting body odours and/or protecting them or keeping them in good condition.”

The EUCD mandates that products “must not cause damage to human health when applied under normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions of use.

And if you say this to an Aesthetician or someone in the skin care business, I’m sure they wouldn’t be shocked.


MAKEUP OS AGING!  that’s why it’s so important to wash your face before going to bed.

MAKEUP IS PORE CLOGGING!  That’s why when you were a teen if you wore too much makeup you would breakout and some of you still do!  I know that happens to me once in a while.

MAKEUP IS MORE EXPENSIVE THAN ITS STICKER PRICE!  Especially drug store brands.  Your skin is the largest organ in your body.  you absorb so much through your skin it’s crazy!  think about when you put lotion on.  it doesn’t stay wet and sticky forever.  It goes in your skin. and where?  In your body! NOTE TO SELF: research the lotions I use.  Now think about makeup.  Dyes, preservatives, etc.   The daily routine of applying makeup to make you look pretty are creating a vicious cycle to use more of it the next time. I know someone who changed the shower-head to one that had a filter when it was discovered she had stage 4 Lung Cancer.  She explained that along with a healthier diet she needed to get rid of the TOXINS that she could absorb through her skin while taking a shower.  I need that shower-head.  Americans are so concerned with what they put in their mouths but forget to watch what they apply to their skin!

Look at these pictures of a woman not washing her makeup off at night before going to bed.  Experts say she aged her skin 10 years!


I, for one, need to change my priorities.  I love makeup!  I do. But I don’t want to make corrections to my face with makeup, I want to enhance the beauty I have with it.   And if makeup is aging me, contributing to my under eye circles and taking away my “glow,” I need to tone it down.  Juju wants her “glow” back.

I need to start spending like the European women – 75% on Skin Care and 25% on makeup.  A certain Aesthetician is going to be really happy with me.

Which, by the way, explains why those spa heroes all have gorgeous 20 year old skin and say they’re 40.

CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO that shows what happens when you wear makeup to bed and not wash it off.

AND PS. Don’t forget the sunscreen! “Makeup can cause premature aging of the skin if people rely on it as their means for sun protection,” says San Antonio dermatologist Vivian Bucay, MD. “If a woman uses an SPF 15 makeup, she needs to apply 2 teaspoons to achieve the SPF 15 protection.” That means that if the individual is relying on the makeup for sun protection, then a one ounce bottle should last only three days.

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2014 eyebrows trends

2014 eyebrows trends

The 2014 Eyebrow trends is big, bold and natural! This trend has stayed strong for a while and it’s not going anywhere! I’m personally excited about having a little bit less maintenance and not have to wax every week to keep thin brows clean (Being Latina, I’m a natural Frida Kahlo) Remember that trend?

Remember not to over-tweeze , wax or thread as the hairs may never grow back and you’ll never achieve a full brow. Think #sofiaVergara and #EvaMendes not #Fridakahlo . It takes approx. 6 months, sometimes longer! to grow them out- BUT NOT TO WORRY! you can use makeup to fill them in while you’re growing them out.


1.Using a brow brush, sweep brows up and trim any wild hairs above the natural brow line. Don’t over-think while you’re doing these steps.

2.Place your index finger on the bridge of your nose, any hairs under than finger need to go! (skip this step if you usually go tweezer-crazy and have a professional do it for you.) TIP: Best time to tweeze is after your shower. Your hair follicles are open and it’s much less painful.

3. DO NOT PULL OUT ALL STRAYS, only the ones that are not a part of your final eyebrow goal. If you don’t know what or where that is, let a professional make that arch for you and have them explain where it’s ok to tweeze. TIP: stand a little farther away from your mirror and don’t use a magnifying mirror. It’s easier to see the obvious hairs that need to go this way.

4.Use an angled brush and brow wax to fill in any empty spots.

5. Now, use that brow brush again to quickly comb the brows back into place before the wax dries. No brow gel needed, the wax will hold them in place.

#JudithB #beautypro #beautytip

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Exercising and Eating Healthy for your Hair

We all have heard it a million times over exercise is good for your health.  Your heart health, your mental health your any problem you have can be cured with exercise health.  But did you also know that exercise has a connection to your hair’s health? Just giving you another reason to stick to that resolution this year!


Maybe you did but didn’t know exactly how or what it did to said follicles. I repeat myself daily, usually more than once a day, in saying ” You want your hair to grow and stay healthy?  You need to take a multi, Omega and Biotin vitamins, drink water like its going outta style, nutritious diet and exercise.”  Most people do 2 out of 4.  Eh, not too shabby- but all are a must if you want fast results.

INCREASE SHINE – Lack of physical activity will definitely lead to brittle or lusterless hair.  If you spend endless amounts of time in front of your computer or boob TV and have a bad posture then not a strand will shine back at you.

Increase Flexibility – Exercise increases circulation in the body bring all the healthy, oxygenated blood to all your cells, organs, etc, INCLUDING your hair follicles.  YES the hair growing outta your head may be “dead” but that hair follicle is “alive” and needs nourishment!  So exercise! Especially concentrate on exercises that increase the flexibility of your neck and back. Vitamin-Rich Circulated Blood =nourishment of the hair follicles, resulting in hair that is healthier and more in volume.

NOTE: Boob Tube watching/ Sitting creates poor circulation for your head.

HAIR STRESS= HAIR LOSS – Poor circulation+age+STRESS=potent combination for hair loss.  Exercising helps you RELAX.  (This is what I meant when I said mental health earlier.) Hence, no stress.  Sooo…  you just lowered your chances of pulling out clumps of hair from the drain!

MEDICATIONS – This goes back to exercise being good for general health. Eating a nutritious diet, taking your vitamins, drinking water and exercising helps your hair grow, grow, grow and stay healthy and shiny; All things we love to see in hair.

BUT some medications have adverse effects like hair loss, brittle locks or dull strands soooo…  If you can “cure” yourself with a sometimes harder, but better than popping a pill everyday and definitely more rewarding lifestyle your hair will love you for it.  DISCLAIMER:  I’m not saying stops your meds!  Talk to your doctor about that and your hair concerns.

SIDE NOTE:  If you never took vitamins before and swear by Prenatal vitamins have you ever thought that maybe a regular one might have sufficed?  AND REMEMBER- before vitamins get to the hair it goes to organs first.  I believe those are a little more important than hair anyway, just a little.


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Best Express Hair Treatments

LOVE LOVE LOVE Kerastase Fusio Dose Express Treatment.  We’ve been using it for about a year at my salon and it IS what it’s cracked up to be.

It’s totally personalized. This in-salon high concentration treatment ritual offers infinite combinations of advanced formulas and active ingredients.You can address  dry ends and add shine, or reconstruct  fragile hair and add umph!   Best of all- you’re not limited to just ONE CAP you can add and add (upcharge, of course).  Everyone has different needs so why make a treatment that only fits SOME people when you can have a treatment that can fit EVERYONE at ALL TIMES!

AND, just like Kerastase’s Modes Operandi, they’re long lasting.  I’d say about 4 weeks, given that you’re using the appropriate professional shampoos, conditioners and styling products.  Then again I never understood people that pay so much for their hair and then use horrible take home products!.  Don’t you want the only accesory you wear EVERY DAY, your hair, to look salon ready at all times?

You need to try a Fusio-Dose treatment. TO-DAY.  Learn more details by going to Kerastase’s  Facebook page’s Fusio-Dose™ app .  AND FYI as an add on service to your already there salon visit it’s anywhere from $15-25, not bad at all.


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Even though we all love Essie’s Chinchilly and OPI’s Lincoln Park after Dark it’s time to change up your nails with spring’s newest colors.

OPI has realeased their Pirates of the Caribbean:  On Stranger Tides collection to coincide with the movie’s May 20th realease. The trend-setting shades of pinks, lavender, sage and soft greys are also introduced with OPI’s newest shatter top coat- SILVER!

Check out the video tutorial on OPI’s web pageon how to apply the shatter polish properly and learn some new trends.

But OPI isn’t the only one’s doing great pastels.

Essie released their Spring collection back in January 2011

  and I’m a fan of  topless & barefoot, but I have the all.

AND if you want to follow Princess Kate’s hand and footsteps,

paint them with Essie’s Allure- rumor has it she did.

ZOYA’s Intimate,  a color romance (s2011) premiered at Fashion Week this year.

Zoya is known to be formaldehyde, toulene, DBP- free like their competitor’s

OPI and Essie, but are also VEGAN Friendly (Camphor Free)


Known among beauty insiders as the pioneering leader in luxury and eco-friendly nail polish,

Priti’s NYC Spring 2011 Collection- Sugar Rush is fantastic!

They also have a nail polish RECYCLE program alongside Chemwise

And last but not least  (I can go on forever)

CHANEL and their 3 new  pearlized shades of  their spring 2011 nail polish collection

are oh-so (insert exclamation here!):

“Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel believed the light-reflecting property of pearls enhanced

a woman’s natural beauty by bringing a delicate luminosity to her skin.

-Peter Philips, Global Creative Director of Chanel Makeup

captures this quality in a radiant Spring 2011 Collection, LES PERLES DE CHANEL

in Pearl Drop, Black Pearl and Peche Nacree.

The only issue we’ll have this spring

is how many manis and pedis will we need to try on all these great colors.

Not much time left- the summer collections are already on order and some even shipping!

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Hairbrained is a social network of Hair Stylists, Salon Owners, and Educators from around the world. All together on one website to bring you the latest in the industry.

Some people compare it to facebook for hairdressers, but in reality it’s more than that.  It’s an amazing resource: Great member blogs, groups and forums which give us tons of insight on equipment, tools and products as well as inspirational photo galleries (my fav) for your viewing pleasure.

Currently has 10,000 members with a new goal of 20,000 (maybe next year)

Here’s a video of Paul Mitchel’s Robert Cromeans (Video by Takashi Kitamura)


If you’re into hair the way I am and haven’t joined hairbrained, go now!

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Sam Villa TEXTUR Professional Texturizing Iron

aka micro-crimper.

I just bought this amazing tool at ABS Chicago and couldn’t WAIT to use it!

My salon, Effigy Salon, had an Indie Rock Night and a few of us (stylists) were offering creative styles for the occasion.  Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to get my TEXTUR Iron into some willing hair!  Needless to say,  it was more than I hoped for!  I now have a need to micro-crimp everyone!  I’m actually excited for PROM season, I’m still thinking brides won’t be too keen on the idea of having a micro-crimped upstyle.

After seeing the runway looks from the Fashion weeks in Feb/Mar, and the amazing session work coming from our favorites mag’s avant garde tear sheets; a tool like this will add to the options available to create those looks as well as inspiring you to invent new ones.  I’m over poker straight looks- been for a while now-  and I’m glad the general public is also moving away too. Less Japanese Straightening- more Keratin Express and soon Digital Perms, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Thermal tools are the best way to achieve textured looks. First, keep in mind the three components of using thermal tools, including straightening and texturizing irons:

  1. Heat to alter the hydrogen bonds in the hair.
  2. Compression to remove wrinkles and add shine.
  3. Tension to determine how stretched and straight the hair will be.

“I wanted to bring a tool to market specifically designed for creating texture, and I wanted it to meet the highest standards of performance and durability,” explains Sam Villa, founding partner of the Sam Villa brand and Education Artistic Director for Redken 5th Avenue.

Some of the Textur Iron’s features  (via  Sam Villa):


You will protect the integrity of the hair with the Targeted Temperature Technology that ensures consistent temperatures for specific hair types.  Colored LED indicators guarantee you always know your working temperature:

(GREEN) LOW = 375° for fine hair
(AMBER ) COLOR TREATED = 392° for most hair types, especially for color treated hair
(RED) HIGH = 410° for virgin or highly resistant hair

AND… Rear Temperature Control Band makes it impossible for you to accidentally turn off the power switch!


  • Rounded Plates: Square plates snag the hair. Sam Villa’s exclusive rounded plates ensure you a snag-free glide and significantly lessens the possibility of demarcations
  • Flexible Plate Assembly: Hybrid plate design gives you complete control for even compression every time!
  • Titanium Coated Plates: Coated  Textur® plates (titanium) which makes it easy for you to keep the plates clean


Ergonomic Benefits: The handles of the irons fit any hand size. The slightly longer body gives you more control over the degree of compression with less wrist/hand fatigue.

Design Innovation:” I’ve designed these irons to meet my highest standards of performance and durability” Sam Villa

Don’t be jealous- get your own! Sam Villa Signature Series TEXTUR Texturizing Iron, $229.95 (retail) at It also comes with a phenomenal 2Disc DVD set that showcases not only how to use the Texture Iron, but  techniques using a flat iron or curling iron as well- 21 all together.

• Rotating Temperature Controls: Help protect the integrity of hair, each with colored LED indicators.
LOW = 375° for fine hair
COLOR TREATED = 392° for most hair types, especially for color treated hair
HIGH = 410° for virgin or highly resistant hair.The Temperature Control Band is positioned at the end of the iron, which I’ve NEVER seen before, making it impossible to accidentally turn off the power while working!Other features:
• Snag Free Rounded Plates: Square plates snag hair, Sam Villa’s exclusive rounded plates ensure a snag-free glide and significantly reduces the possibility of demarcations.
• Flexible Plate Assembly: A hybrid plate design gives complete control for even compression every time.
• Titanium Coated Plates: Makes it easy to keep plates clean.
• Ergonomic Benefits: Handles are designed to fit any hand size. The slightly longer body gives more control over the degree of compression with less wrist/hand fatigue.Be sure to check it out!!
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America’s Beauty Show…

America’s Beauty Show, formerly the Midwest Beauty Show has been going strong for 80years!  Going on now, March 12-14 at Chicago’s McCormick Place.

There, the top educators, most successful salon owners and coolest platform artists will inspire and challenge you to take your business—and yourself—to the next level.

I practically would’ve stayed at the ABS RUNWAY all day given all the great presentations that were going on:

SUNDAY – March 13
Farouk with Rocky Vitelli and Leonel Rodriguez – 9:30-9:45am
Sassoon with Mark Hayes & The Sassoon Academy Creative Team – 9:55-10:15am
Toni & Guy with Zak Mascolo, Darian Bishop, Joseph Marzioli & Samatha Finley – 10:25-10:55am
Paul Mitchell with Robert Cromeans, Stephanie Kocielski, Angus Mitchell & Takashi Kitamura – 11:05-11:30am
Irvine & Louise Rusk – 12-12:40pm
Intercoiffure featuring Vivienne Mackinder, Gina Khan & Jo Blackwell-Preston– 12:50-1:50
Anthony Mascolo – 2:00-2:50pm
Pivot Point International featuring Yolly ten Koppel – 3:00-3:15pm
Nick Arrojo – 3:25-4:05pm
Matrix with Brian & Sandra Smith, Chrystofer Benson & Daniel Roldan – 4:15-4:35pm
American Crew with Theri DeJoode– 4:45-5:05pm

I even saw the hairdresser’s photographer BABAK snapping shots of the models and talents on stage.

BUT  there was too much to see and shop for on the main floor.  Including the legendary man himself, Vidal Sassoon.  Bought my copy of Vidal: The Autobiography for $30, released Feb 24th, 2011. I suggest you buy it on AMAZON for less ($18.45)  Yes it was a rush purchase!  Mainly because I needed to get it signed and take another picture to add to my collection of Celebrity hairdressers.

I’ll be there tomorrow mainly to watch some great platform work and continue to be inspired by some of the classes offered by the NCA/CCA.  Here’s Monday’s ABS RUNWAY SCHEDULE.  Yes, I’ll be there for Tabatha.

MONDAY – March 14
Student Conference presenting Ted Gibson & Yolly ten Koppel – 8:30am-10:00am
American Crew with Theri DeJoode – 10:10am-10:30am
Tabatha Coffey – 10:40am-11:20am
CND Shellac™ & Fashion Fusion INTA Conference with Jan Arnold of CND – 11:30am-2:30pm

Pictures will be posted ASAP with the collection work and trends of the famous hair “houses.”

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