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Dreamcatchers extensions

Di Volek, Head Stylist and Director of Training, CREATOR of  Dreamcatchers. “Di brings to DreamCatchers over twenty years of hairstyling experience – she has her Master’s in Tricology and trained under Toni & Guy in London – as well as over seven years of exclusive hair extension experience. She led a chain of salons in South Africa that specialized in hair extensions, often with a client wait list of over three months!” (via DC website)  These extensions are a truly a cut above their competitors.

NO GLUES (Keratin bonds, protein bonds, basically any kind of “bond”, waxes, weaves, etc) which translates to NO DAMAGE TO YOUR HAIR. I repeat NO DAMAGE!

ImageDreamcatchers is also an investment.  You keep the hair for years before you by more- UNLESS you want a new color! that’s your choice.  So all you pay for in future visits is adjustments and re-fusions, I’ll explain those later.With other brands: Great lengths, SoCap, Cinderella to name a few; you by hair with every touchup- that could mean $750-1500+ every 8 weeks!  and if you’re a fast grower- every 6 weeks!  That’s ridiculous. No wonder only extensions were part of the “lifestyles of the rich and famous (cue:Good Charlotte)

“Micro-cylinder™ technology: clean, easy and non-damaging according to the Dreamcatchers web site:   Your time in chair is two hours-ish for a full head application and return adjustment visits are approximately one hour.  Compare THAT to a 6+hour visit!

Now let’s talk about the hair for a second: The best quality hair extensions in the world! 100% EUROPEAN Human hair.  NOT Indian or Chinese that has to be stripped to almost raw and recolored to get anything lighter than med brown.  THEN they have to add silicone on top of silicone on top of silicon just to make it look nice again.  Another reason why the hair doesn’t and CAN’T last years. Dreamcatchers gets their blonds from Scandinavia, browns from Europe (i.e.Italy) and African curly textures from the Di’s home country- South Africa.  It just makes SO MUCH MORE SENSE- how come it’s taken so long for people to figure this out?  Image

Technique and maintenance program is amazing.  Check out the link above for more info, or call me of course.  But it reminds me of jewelry making.  You’re “crimping” the hair with your own natural hair using micro-cylinders. Let’s say I make a mistake when putting them in and take too much of your natural hair?  I just uncrimp and recrimp!  NO DAMAGE!  I LOVE IT!

AND YOU CAN GET SO CREATIVE!  use different colors to create dimension through high-lights and low-lights and DON’T color your own hair, or maybe just the top and thereby saving it from possible damage.


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Makeup Prepping for that big event


There are many events where we need to have our flawless faces on.  At Judith B we have several makeup artists to help you and this is a prep list to make your makeup artist, and eventually you, happy.


BEFORE THE BIG DAY (at least a couple of weeks):

Schedule your makeup trial/consultation

Beauty Sleep

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water

Always wear sunscreen when outdoors


Wax, thread, whatever. get those unwanted facial hairs gone!

Exfoliate your face and lips a day or two before your makeup application

Beauty Sleep

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water


Bring your own WATERPROOF mascara. It’s all about the wand!  We use Motives Cosmetics and LOVE our mascara.  You can purchase mascara the day with us and fall in love with it too! Otherwise I must use a disposable wand.  For sanitary reasons, these cannot be double dipped into the tube, so they do not hold much product.  Therefore the application is not as dramatic or build-able.  So you can understand why it’s best for you to bring your own.

Bring photographs of makeup looks you like to your consultation.  It’s easier than describing.  We also love Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Google… you get the picture- literally.

Cleanse your face and remove ALL traces of makeup.  YES, even those old mascara racoon eyes you slept in.

Use a serum and moisturizer to hydrate your skin and under eye cream if needed.

Apply a lip balm to ensure that lips are smooth and flake free

Tie hair back and out of your face

Wear clothing that you do not mind getting makeup on, that can easily be taken off without touching your face (on the day of the event)

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MAC pro 2012 Spring Trend Lip Pallette

Used by M·A·C Artists backstage in New York, London, Milan and Paris, six Spring/Summer 2012 shades for lips.  These exciting new shades, remind me of the 80s, except refined- as usual.

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