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2011 Hair Trends

Parisian Import, Stylist Francky L'Official

Francky L’Official (Real Housewives if New York) hairdresser and salon owner talks about the new 2011 hair trends and his new product launch for HSN in June and how he loves LABEL M Dry Shampoo!

Nika Mavrody ( The Fashion Spot )interviewed him at NY Fashion week in the Ford Artists Beauty Suite.

L’Official talks about the new (but not so new) 2011 trends is the undone look and a few more.


(if you can’t see the video CLICK HERE to watch straight from YouTube)

I personally have always liked this look and agree with L’Official that too much mess- is just a hot mess! The perfect combination of tailored and messy works well. He also mentions the beach wave, 1920s finger wave(Thank you Mad Men). LOVE IT!

He DID however forget to mention a few: eclectic ponytails, BIG EVENING HAIR, tight chignons/ braided chignons, zig-zag/crimping, the more masculine side of this year’s trends- refined punk, braids and of course- combinations

of any of the aforementioned styles.

Visit the chic Fracky L’Official salon in NY:

Review on the Label M Dry Shampoo L’Official mentioned to come.

Wicked Barnet Fair at Vera Wang



Zig Zag Crimping at Marc by Marc Jacobs


Eclectic ponytails at Carolina Herrera



1920s inspired- straight and curly combination at Badgley Mishka


Tribal braids at Alexander McQueen



and, of course, the clean, side parts at Prada

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So much going on, so litte time

I have a list of things I need to cover here!

Look for the following posts to satisfy:

Mercedes Benz NY Fashion Week FEB 10-17  featuring NY FALL/WINTER 2011

London Fashion Week FEB 18-23 featuring LONDON FALL/WINTER 2011

83rd Annual Academy Awards FEB 27th

Milan Fashion Week FEB 24-28 FALL/WINTER 2011

Paris Fashion Week MAR 1-9 FALL/WINTER 2011

America’s Beauty Show MAR 12-14 showcasing HAIR & Beauty Trends and products for 2011+ (Chicago)

Midwest International Salon and Spa Expo MAR 26-28 By the industry for the industry, Midwest edition. (Chicago)

AND OF COURSE… industry talk, then reviews: products, tips & tricks, equipment & tools!


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Vidal Sassoon on Good Day LA

Vidal Sassoon has a new film out about his life that took him from a kid from the tough-working class to a superstar hairdresser.

Vidal talked about the film on Thursday to Good Day LA on Fox.

His story is an amazing one!  I can’t wait to see the movie at ABS Chicago next month.  AND  I’m so excited to get my copy with my ABS ticket!

After watching this interview, I want to hear more on Vidal’s mom!

To view video click  here.

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Justin Bieber cut his hair!?

Twitter confirms, “yeah so it’s true…i got a lil haircut…i like it…and we are giving all the hair cut to CHARITY to auction. Details coming soon.”

The Bieb's new look!

Justin Bieber before and after

The cut was done today by  the Biebs hairdresser, Vanessa Price, while he was on the set of a music video for a song he did with Rascal Flatts.

Ms. Price tweeted “Ladies and gentlemen…@justinbieber 2011!!” with a picture of her masterpiece!

He also told TMZ he “wanted to change it up” and felt the new cut was “kind of a mature look.”

I guess is going to have a whole new slew of submissions.

I think its a do, but I still don’t get the obsession with his hair.

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2011 Grammy Hair- Why?

If you make a movie and your embarrassing to the craft, you get a Razzie.  When you wear an outfit that offends even the blind, your on worst dress lists all over the place.  Is there an award for horrendous hair?  THERE SHOULD BE!  and can the award be a 12″ Good Luck Troll?  What were these people thinking:

Nikki Minaj, The inspiration for this post. WHAT IS SHE THINKING? and I don’t mean the pose! Bride of the Frankenstein Monster meets a cheetah at the Jersey Shore meets ugh just gross. Now I know that her ensemble came straight off the runway. Why didn’t she stick with solid long black, blond or red hair? This is just too much- and the lipstick just adds to the hot mess.
Florence+The Machine / Could Florence at least tried a brush for the big event?


Neil Young, Grammy Awards 2011
Neil Young, Grammy Awards 2011 – I know he’s a legend and I feel a little bad, but not bad enough to not mention it! He hairline is barely visible and his ends look like a rabbit chewed them off? Get a haircut! I don’t care if you’re a rocker he would look better with a crop. AND TRUST ME, no one will think you sold out.
Kathy Griffin, 2011 Grammys in LA- Her red seems really faded but her haircut is a worse offender. If she sat in any of our chairs, most of us would tell her to grow out those too short layers on top! This is NOT a fashionably inspired mullet. It’s just bad!


BT, Grammy Awards 2011 LA- I didn’t know Kate Gosselin had a little brother! 🙂
Marky Ramone &  his Lifetime Achievement Award, Grammy Awards 2011 LA-   Lifetime Achievement Award  and his hair is frizzy and uneven.  AND why are his bangs halfway up his head,  STILL?



Access Hollywood 2011 Grammy Awards Red Carpet, LA- Now all you Jersey Shore fans don’t start beating down my door.  It is, what it is!  He has horrible hair and you know it.


Her hair is frizzing and it looks like all she cared about was getting her fringe straight. If that's the case, wear a smooth side pony or something.

I just don’t get it!?  You’re at a black tie event where everyone is going to see you and cameras will be flashin’ away!

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Esperanza Spalding

Esperanza Spalding?  Who is she?  I had no idea until she took the Grammy for best new artist of 2011.  The 26-year-old jazz singer beat Justin Biebre , Drake, Florence+The Machine and Mumford and Sons.

Now I’m all over it!  I’ve looked her up, read her wikipedia entry (which i will mention briefly  later) and made a station on Pandora.  She’s fantastic to hear and see!  The dress she wore was amazing and her hair- LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it!

No its not cut perfectly round- who knows when the last time she had it cut, but I have to say that’s part of its charm.

Esperanza Spalding,Grammys 2011

Even with that do look how she worked it into an updo!  and that dress, from head to toe  she looks great.  If I had to change anything, I would’ve just made a stronger statement with makeup, strong lips or eyes.

Anyway, back to what she’s really about: music.  Like I said before, I didn’t even know who she was, but am now completely intrigued.

I went to her wiki page immediately and couldn’t believe the things people were “editing” into her entry. Death threats, racial slur and nasty name calling.  I tried to contact the wiki people, but by the time I found the info, it was already corrected.  PHEW! I get why the Beiber’s fans were upset, but this act just shows how childish they are.  I don’t want to blame Justin Beiber fans but its kinda obvious.

I WISH  HER ALL  the successes life can bring and hope that the Grammy’s Best New Artist curse doesn’t  fall upon her.  But on a brighter note, most of the winners have gone onto success.  Look through the past winners.

I’m excited that’s she’s on the scene.  She’ll bring more light to her under appreciated jazz and natural hair!


You can thank her mother for promising her daughter to never let LYE touch that scalp.  She keeps it natural and has a simple routine of washing it once a week and applying natural oils while twisting it to keep it from tangling while it dries.

Esperanza Spalding for Banana Republic

Esperanza Spalding for Banana Republic

Unfortunately she doesn’t cut it often because she feels she “looses”  alot of hair.  Someone needs to tell her that everyone loses, on average , 100-200 hairs a day. and if you only brush and wash it once a week that’s about 500-1,000 hairs.  People with straight hair don’t notice it as much as their curlier friends because sometimes the wind alone blows out those strays (strays in curly hair get “stuck” until they’re brush out).

Regardless, I wish we saw more natural hair on the streets.

It’s beautiful!

She’s beautiful.

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Suburban Rihanna? at the Grammys

Rihanna+Eminem Grammy 2011

Rihanna & Eminem performing "Love The Way You Lie" at the 2011 Grammy Awards in LA

I gotta say- I loved her look- I mean dress – when she performed alongside Eminem( Love the Way You Lie) but what is up with that boring hair?

Is faded crazy red the look now? I missed the memo.  How does she go from a sweet bright red ‘FRO to this boring, suburban mom haircut?  I can tell you for a fact her previous look would’ve been better with her performances at the 2011 Grammy’s.  Especially with her wonder woman-esque outfit she wore later on.

I know that she wears many wigs and pieces which is even MORE reason to go crazier for a performance.  ESPECIALLY THE GRAMMYS! and especially when she’s a multi-performer!  Eyes are obviously going to be on her.

Rihanna's Red 'Fro

During the red carpet she walked down in a see through white dress by Jean-Paul Gaultier,  she wears amazing Chriatian Dior ball gown with Eminem and then an Amazonian Princess inspired outfit with stilettos (wish they were thigh high) with drake and all the while she has THAT hair?  Who is that?  Not the Rihanna we know and love.

She’s always been a showstopper.  Her hair has always managed to find its way into blogs, celebrity trash mags and print alike. Remember the shattered bob  with disconnected pieces through the front? Her amazing red mohawk,  authentically shaved on the sides , no faux-hawk in site? Her classic square bob with heavy fringe?  Her heavy Grey highlighting in black hair?  She should have gone all the way and had it brown with blond highlights and arrived in a crossover.

Hopefully she’ll be back to normal the next time she catches our eyes.

Rihanna (+Drake) performing "What's your Name?"  at the 2011 Grammy's in LA

Rihanna(+Drake) performing "What's your Name?" at the 2011 Grammy's in LA

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America’s Beauty Show

Woo-hoo!  I’m so excited!  America’s Beauty Show (ABS) is coming: March 12-14, 2011 to McCormick Place in downtown Chicago.

ABS  is one of the largest professional beauty industry trade shows.  5th largest convention in Chi-town and it’s not open to the general public.  Sorry to all you kitchen colorists and beauty junkies.

This year is going to be pretty exciting.  Not only are they showcasing the usual: new trends, new products, demos, free stuff, discounted stuff, hot models and great energy, they showing the Vidal Sassoon: The Movie @the Cadillac Palace.  The man himself will be there accepting the Hair Icon award and having a Q&A with the film’s producer Michael Gordon, founder of Bumble + bumble.

Sassoon revolutionized  hair with his “wash and wear” philosophy, literally changed the way hair is cut today.  If it weren’t from him, we’d still be doin’ roller sets and most likely I would be a lawyer.

If you’re not a salon professional but still want to check out the festivities you still may have a shot at getting in! BE A MODEL! ABS doesn’t do the hiring so you have to contact the exhibitor directly.  Here’s the list: .  They’ve also been known to post on the

Coming soon…


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errr, don’t be late

I’ll set the scene, salon,  busy Thursday evening.  You have an appointment for a highlight and haircut, possibly a treatment in between (at least 2.5- 3 hours).  You walk up to reception to check in and she tells you your stylist is running 20 minutes behind.  you’re thinking- HELLO?  could you have called me?  I could of not rushed here, or ran an errand or picked up a latte!

Everyone knows the front desk is the brain of the salon.  The assistants and stylist keep them constantly informed about what’s going on so if there’s an issue, they can find a way to resolve it.  Any properly run front desk will call you if your stylist is running late as soon as they know; as yes, if you live far, it might be on the drive over.  It’s a courtesy they provide so you can go get that latte you were craving since 3pm this afternoon.

There are lots of reasons for running late but this obviously goes on both ends; clients and hairdresser.

If you’re a new client, you should be there at least 10-15 minutes early so you can  fill out a new client form,  unwind with a beverage, go to the bathroom- whatever it is –  and have time for thorough consultation.  At my salon, new clients are booked with an extra 15 minutes to provide ample time for a great consultation with their stylist.  The first time  consultation about your color and cut is essential to your final result.  This also goes for current clients who want a big change!

Bring pictures- that always helps.  Your “butter” blond may be a beige-y platinum to another.  We don’t expect clients to speak “hairdresser” but we hear the “terms” everyday, sometimes used incorrectly.  My favorite is when people refer to chin length hair as a “bob.”  NOT ALL CHIN LENGTH HAIR IS A BOB. phew- glad I got that out.  I blame the media 🙂 jk

If  you’re not a new client, PLEASE be on time.  We want to give you 100% of our attention and provide you with the best service possible and part of that is NOT having the next person wait (see first paragraph). AND it compounds, you’re late 15 min… one person changed their mind and wants highlights,  next thing you know the stylist is running an hour behind WITH HELP!  Trust me- we don’t like it.

OH wait!  I almost forgot- being on time but staying on your cell phone for 20 minutes counts as being late!  We can’t do anything if you’re on the phone.  It’s also rude.

If you are running late, please call! Usually the salon can accommodate you and this is basically a way of the front desk to do damage control!  If you’re going to be really late (more than 15-20 min.) you might be rescheduled.  Maybe in the same day if you’re lucky!   No it’s not the stylist being lazy, it’s about customer service.  The client after you deserves just as much attention as you do and if the roles were switched you’d be upset at the stylist for running late (see top; again!)

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a little of me

Hi my name is Judith Barrientos aka Judith B.  I’m currently the Art Director at Effigy Salon in Elmhurst, IL.  Before that I was in the city since graduating beauty school (Pivot Point).  I did my advanced education apprenticeship at Vidal Sassoon Chicago in both cutting and color- 3 years of my life, making $3.25-$4.25, but worth EVERY SECOND!

While I was with the company I was involved in shows in both Chicago and London.  I was also transferred to London for a bit which converted me to doing lots of things, drinking tea for one.  Receiving the training that I did paired up with with a well respected company like that made me realize something about myself.  I love knowledge.

I’ve been an educator for ten years- and I still love it.  I’ve written several types of advanced education programs for several salons.  I’ve also had 3 salon certified by the state for CEUs (continuing education units) in  advance education; currently working on numero quatro.  I’ve worked behind the scenes on movies, runway shows, editorial shoots, collection work and talent (comp cards / headshots).  But I’m the happiest sharing the knowledge I possess that I’ve accrued throughout my 15 years of experience behind the chair  and being a natural “researcher.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love my clients.  Who wouldn’t like to go into work and say they played with their friends’ hair and laughed all day?  YES, I smile and laugh a lot.  I’m happy with the career path I chose and continue to choose everyday.  Sure you have some ups and down, but it’s that just life?  And seriously?, if the worst of my day is that…  I don’t really have worst days.  I still come home happy.

I have a gigantic list of topics that I feel might interest people:  hair trends, product reviews, techniques, funny stories behind the chair, collection / education reviews, etc.  SO- if you would be so kind- please shoot over some ideas or questions you may have on hair, the biz or life- yeah I’ll take life questions!  chacha does, why can’t I?  I  write this for you my, my peers and hair enthusiasts- ok fine, closet cosmetologists too! But I really recommend taking the plunge to the latter.

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