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One of my favorite type of movies to watch are documentaries.  Currently I’m really into food/health related documentaries. FORK OVER KNIVES  people!  A must-see.  I think Seth, my fiance, just had a eye-opening experience:  animal products are making us unhealthy?!and Plant-based is where we all should be?  Um- yeah. I think most people know that.  I’m not sure if I agree wholly on the VEGAN diet.  I feel its a little extreme and almost vegetarian / glutin-free diet is where I want to be.  By the way, I also have friends that are hardcore into raw foods- yeah I don’t think I can ever get there either.

I think it has to to with the fact that I’m changing my life to follow the Dr. D’Adamo’s Blood Type Diet: EAT RIGHT FOR YOUR TYPE  AND ask Seth as my witness, I’m lovin’ the feeling I have from NOT eating red meat and most poultry.  I’m only having Turkey as my “meat” currently, but I have to say, I  do miss bacon- luckily there’s turkey bacon!

My blood type is the rare, but universal receiver (yii-aay me!) – AB.  The “modern” blood type AB that  sensitive digestive tract and should avoid chicken, beef, and pork but enjoy seafood, tofu, dairy, and most produce.  ABs benefit from calming exercises like Yoga.  I’ll be getting into that later on this year.

BUT THE BEST THING ABOUT BEING THIS BLOOD TYPE HAS TO BE:  JESUS.  We share the same type.  Yeah, I know, I’m just as amazing.

I am, however, not taking any supplements recommended by the site.  I am taking Metagenics’ Muli-Vitamin, Omega Complex, CoQ10, and Vitamin D (which everyone here in Chicago should be taking!) care of  Park Ave Wellness.  Thanks Dr. Brian.

BUT tomorrow is a big day.  I got my juicer, finally! care of an AMAZING deal via Groupon and I’m going produce shopping for my juicing detox. SIDE NOTE:  I also watched FAT, SICK AND NEARLY DEAD (available on Netflix instant watch and sites like HULU for instance watching pleasure.)  The film chronicles Aussie, Joe Cross, in his  personal mission to regain his health.  Watch the trailer below.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not that extreme.  I’m not planning on doing a 60-day, juice-only diet because I’m not leaving my position at work or keeping my juicer in the trunk of my car so I can consume my fresh juice within minutes.  After taking the REBOOT assesment ( I’ve decided on trying the 15-day Reboot Entry Program.  I’ll keep you updated on how it goes.

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Thank you Nicki Minaj and OPI nail lacquer

They’re here!  OPI’s newest colors and Nicki Minaj is their girl.  Some of my favorite colors and glitter + another shatter?  I don’t even know where to start!  Can’t wait to get my nails on these.  Yeah I know- I’m addicted to polish.

With one Shatter shade and five polish colors.  The five shades: Pink Friday, Metallic 4 Life, Save Me, Fly and Did It On ‘Em and the Shatter: Super Bass, will take your manicure from tame to totally insane in seconds.   You’ll be the 3rd Nicki Minaj! (see: Sophia Grace and Rosie, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this video.)

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What do you do?

What do you do when you family’s home can’t get repaired?  This is one of the issues Seth’s family is dealing with since Hurricane Irene.,0,2757042.story


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Dubai Fireworks and Water Show!

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Welcome 2012!

The new year always brings out great beginnings.  What we all hope is that it lasts more than 3 months; sometimes even 3 weeks!

This year I’ve decided to pay attention to my “bucket list.”  There’s a lot of things on that list, but not limited to:

  • continue house remodeling project- start with baseboards, window/doors casing and knocking out the walls that separate the dining, kitchen and living rooms
  • learn to play guitar and piano and get Delilah to do the same
  • thorough cleaning of the house/ spring cleaning
  • get into sewing again
  • learn to make soap (I don’t know why I want to make bath products)
  • plan trips out of the country
  • learn about wine, sommelier?
  • gain more knowledge politically (especially locally)
  • broaden your intellectual horizon
  • take some photography glasses
  • maybe start on that Graphics Arts degree or somethin’
  • write some children’s poetry
  • publish said children’s poetry
  • start drawing again so I can illustrate my children’s poetry book
  • blog at least 2x/week and broaden the topics discussed
  • volunteer (and not just during the “season”)
  • organize my life
  • read 50 books in 2012, I’m averaging about 24/year right now so it’s a stretch but I think I can do it.  THIS DOE SNOT INCLUDE CHILDREN’S BOOKS which I read everyday, 10xs/day
  • Finish watching Current TV’s list of 50 Documentaries to See Before You Die, I started at #50
  • learn to type on HOME keys, for real
  • Start juicing, I saw via Netflix
  • make my health a priority, I’m trying out EAT RIGHT FOR YOUR TYPE, I’m  AB+

I know the list is long.  And that’s just what I can think of off the top of my head!

ANYWAY, back to the list- The latter two I already got a start on back in early December when I bought an appointment book (I’m good with paper) followed by a visit to my physician for my yearly physical in which I got a laundry list of yearly checkups to do: vision, Vitamin D,  pap, cholesterol, blood sugar, etc.  I also got some not so yearly tests to do:  get a mole map, thyroid checkup and a fatty tumor that has since been removed and is healing nicely, thanks for asking.

I also want my passion for hair to continue,.  Lucky for me there are so many avenues to get that inspiration/ motivation.   I just discover   which has some great videos posted by some amazing hairdressers and companies.  I love the Indie Artists page- I just discovered some new greats! I’m really looking forward to seeing what will be posted in the future and what I can come up with because of them.

AND don’t think I forgot… I’m not worried about the Mayan Apocalypse, especially because Seth and I are getting married in 2013 and the end of the world is just gonna have to wait!  Which is another thing I have to shortlist on my bucket list: WEDDING.  Not so much of a bucket item as a TO DO item.  Definitely not a resolution.  Back to wedding, need to update our wedding website:,  followed by babies (stop asking people!  they’re coming- 2013ish),

BTW, The above list is not in order of importance.  NOTE TO SELF: PRIORITIZE

Happy 2012! XOXO,


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Porter Grey at New York Fashion Week

Porter Grey at New York Fashion Week – Spring /Summer 2012


Porter Grey is an American contemporary sportswear collection, founded by sisters Kristen and Alexandra O’Neill. Building on versatile foundation pieces, Porter Grey constructs beautiful garments infused with an urbane elegance and relaxed sophistication. Fresh, crisp, and classic, each collection offers a pared down, timeless take on the quintessential modern American girl. Kristen and Alexandra place the utmost importance on quality and craftsmanship, and above all else that their garments are designed and produced in New York.

Click on the images below to see a bigger version.


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Nicholas K at New York Fashion Week

click on the gallery image to see a larger view.



Nicholas K is a New York based design company, founded in January of 2003 by
siblings Nicholas and Christopher Kunz. Nicholas K was conceptualized with the intent of providing sophisticated customers with modern classics to become wardrobe staples.

Incorporating traditional quality and design with modern refinements and a downtown edge, Nicholas K offers items across the full women’s RTW product range as well as accessories and
a menswear line that launched for Fall 2006.

The first collection for Fall 2003 was extremely well received and sold through 35 of the top women’s specialty boutiques across the U.S. and Japan. Demand for Nicholas K continues to
exceed expectations.

Nicholas L Kunz

Cofounder and creative director, Nicholas L Kunz attended FIT in New York and the Polimoda School of Design, in Florence. Upon her return to the U.S. Nicholas took a position with DKNY and later joined the founding team of Coach Men’s sportswear. Over the next 8 years Nicholas worked with other design companies including Nautica, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hillfiger and Polo,
operating in primary positions and overseeing the design and coordination of five new labels.

Immediately prior to founding Nicholas K, Nicholas worked as a full-time consultant for Calvin Klein (CK women’s outerwear collection and US and European jeans). Unlike most designers,
Nicholas’ experience from working with large multinational corporations afforded her a broad and thorough understanding of all consumer segments.

Christopher L Kunz

The corporate operations of Nicholas K are overseen by cofounder Christopher L Kunz, who graduated with an MBA, summa cum laude from the Eller Graduate School of Management in
Marketing and Finance, and with a BS majoring in both Biochemistry and Molecular Cellular Biology.

Prior to Nicholas K, Christopher worked with the Los Alamos National Laboratory, providing his expertise to early stage companies, guiding them on all aspects of operations from competitive marketing analysis to strategic positioning. Christopher’s previous experience in the fashion industry ranges from runway to retail, working with companies such as Polo Ralph Lauren.

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quick notes

Justin Beiber- Seriously?  your snakes name is “Johnson”  haha.  and not in a good way.

Katy Perry- touch up your hair.  Loved your parasol.

Lady Gaga- wow!  u never cease to surprise me.

Kevin (not a host) – shut up

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2011 NAHA Editorial Hairstylist of the Year

The NAHA Awards Ceremony truly exemplifies the dedication, inspiration and excitement of the beauty industry. Spectacular performances, artistic presentations by the industry’s leading stylists, and special appearances by famous fashionistas and beauty lovers alike make this Ceremony a non-stop party and the most inspirational beauty event you will attend all year! – NAHA website

The winners have been announced!  I know the gallery pic looks small but click on the  image to it in its full size.

2011 NAHA Editorial Hairstylist of the Year

Dimitrios Tsioumas
New York, NY
Photographer: Babak

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2011 NAHA Contemporary Classic winner

The NAHA Awards Ceremony truly exemplifies the dedication, inspiration and excitement of the beauty industry. Spectacular performances, artistic presentations by the industry’s leading stylists, and special appearances by famous fashionistas and beauty lovers alike make this Ceremony a non-stop party and the most inspirational beauty event you will attend all year! – NAHA website

The winners have been announced!  I know the gallery pic looks small but click on the  image to it in its full size.

2011 NAHA Contemporary Classic Winner

Simon Chercuitte
Montreal, QB
Photographer: Ara Sassoonian

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