2014 eyebrows trends

2014 eyebrows trends

The 2014 Eyebrow trends is big, bold and natural! This trend has stayed strong for a while and it’s not going anywhere! I’m personally excited about having a little bit less maintenance and not have to wax every week to keep thin brows clean (Being Latina, I’m a natural Frida Kahlo) Remember that trend?

Remember not to over-tweeze , wax or thread as the hairs may never grow back and you’ll never achieve a full brow. Think #sofiaVergara and #EvaMendes not #Fridakahlo . It takes approx. 6 months, sometimes longer! to grow them out- BUT NOT TO WORRY! you can use makeup to fill them in while you’re growing them out.


1.Using a brow brush, sweep brows up and trim any wild hairs above the natural brow line. Don’t over-think while you’re doing these steps.

2.Place your index finger on the bridge of your nose, any hairs under than finger need to go! (skip this step if you usually go tweezer-crazy and have a professional do it for you.) TIP: Best time to tweeze is after your shower. Your hair follicles are open and it’s much less painful.

3. DO NOT PULL OUT ALL STRAYS, only the ones that are not a part of your final eyebrow goal. If you don’t know what or where that is, let a professional make that arch for you and have them explain where it’s ok to tweeze. TIP: stand a little farther away from your mirror and don’t use a magnifying mirror. It’s easier to see the obvious hairs that need to go this way.

4.Use an angled brush and brow wax to fill in any empty spots.

5. Now, use that brow brush again to quickly comb the brows back into place before the wax dries. No brow gel needed, the wax will hold them in place.

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