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Level I


  • Special Event & Bridal Updo Expert including braiding
  • Dreamcatchers Extensions
  • Upstyling & Bridal
  • Makeup


Diem (Dee-ehm) has always been an artistic soul. Becoming a hair and makeup artist was just another medium for expressing her art. She loves making people feel beautiful and helps guide them in any way she can. Think of her as your personal Jiminy Cricket!

Diem loves being part of #teamJudithB . Education is a very important factor in choosing a salon home. Judith B offers education weekly,  special advanced classes monthly, and more. She takes inspiration from everywhere and wants to be able to grow, grow, GROW in a culture of like-minded individuals.

You’ll always see a smile on her face. A beautiful soul full of lots of love. A kid at heart that will keep you smiling. You can see that in her fun fashion and hair. All a part of the creativity she carries through, every day in her life.

When you come in for your hair-therapy with Diem, that’s exactly what you’ll get. She’s creative and talented behind the chair but also a great listener and kind. Don’t forget perfectionist! She want to make you happy, so share, share, SHARE those inspirational pictures and pinterest boards.

If you’re ready to “Carpe Diem!” with your hair, then seize an appointment with Diem ASAP. Call the salon 877-JudithB or book online.