Hi my name is Judith Barrientos aka Judith B.  I’m currently the Art Director at Effigy Salon in Elmhurst, IL.  Before that I was in the city since graduating beauty school (Pivot Point).  I did my advanced education apprenticeship at Vidal Sassoon Chicago in both cutting and color- 3 years of my life, making $3.25-$4.25, but worth EVERY SECOND!

While I was with the company I was involved in shows in both Chicago and London.  I was also transferred to London for a bit which converted me to doing lots of things, drinking tea for one.  Receiving the training that I did paired up with with a well respected company like that made me realize something about myself.  I love knowledge.

I’ve been an educator for ten years- and I still love it.  I’ve written several types of advanced education programs for several salons.  I’ve also had 3 salon certified by the state for CEUs (continuing education units) in  advance education; currently working on numero quatro.  I’ve worked behind the scenes on movies, runway shows, editorial shoots, collection work and talent (comp cards / headshots).  But I’m the happiest sharing the knowledge I possess that I’ve accrued throughout my 15 years of experience behind the chair  and being a natural “researcher.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love my clients.  Who wouldn’t like to go into work and say they played with their friends’ hair and laughed all day?  YES, I smile and laugh a lot.  I’m happy with the career path I chose and continue to choose everyday.  Sure you have some ups and down, but it’s that just life?  And seriously?, if the worst of my day is that…  I don’t really have worst days.  I still come home happy.

I have a gigantic list of topics that I feel might interest people:  hair trends, product reviews, techniques, funny stories behind the chair, collection / education reviews, etc.  SO- if you would be so kind- please shoot over some ideas or questions you may have on hair, the biz or life- yeah I’ll take life questions!  chacha does, why can’t I?  I  write this for you my, my peers and hair enthusiasts- ok fine, closet cosmetologists too! But I really recommend taking the plunge to the latter.