If you make a movie and your embarrassing to the craft, you get a Razzie.  When you wear an outfit that offends even the blind, your on worst dress lists all over the place.  Is there an award for horrendous hair?  THERE SHOULD BE!  and can the award be a 12″ Good Luck Troll?  What were these people thinking:

Nikki Minaj, The inspiration for this post. WHAT IS SHE THINKING? and I don’t mean the pose! Bride of the Frankenstein Monster meets a cheetah at the Jersey Shore meets ugh just gross. Now I know that her ensemble came straight off the runway. Why didn’t she stick with solid long black, blond or red hair? This is just too much- and the lipstick just adds to the hot mess.
Florence+The Machine / Could Florence at least tried a brush for the big event?


Neil Young, Grammy Awards 2011
Neil Young, Grammy Awards 2011 – I know he’s a legend and I feel a little bad, but not bad enough to not mention it! He hairline is barely visible and his ends look like a rabbit chewed them off? Get a haircut! I don’t care if you’re a rocker he would look better with a crop. AND TRUST ME, no one will think you sold out.
Kathy Griffin, 2011 Grammys in LA- Her red seems really faded but her haircut is a worse offender. If she sat in any of our chairs, most of us would tell her to grow out those too short layers on top! This is NOT a fashionably inspired mullet. It’s just bad!


BT, Grammy Awards 2011 LA- I didn’t know Kate Gosselin had a little brother! 🙂
Marky Ramone &  his Lifetime Achievement Award, Grammy Awards 2011 LA-   Lifetime Achievement Award  and his hair is frizzy and uneven.  AND why are his bangs halfway up his head,  STILL?



Access Hollywood 2011 Grammy Awards Red Carpet, LA- Now all you Jersey Shore fans don’t start beating down my door.  It is, what it is!  He has horrible hair and you know it.


Her hair is frizzing and it looks like all she cared about was getting her fringe straight. If that's the case, wear a smooth side pony or something.

I just don’t get it!?  You’re at a black tie event where everyone is going to see you and cameras will be flashin’ away!