Green fashion and sustainable design are two of the  most exciting growth sectors and are rapidly gaining in international appeal.  GREEN IS WEAR ITS AT PEOPLE!

Jason Matlo Spring 2011

Some companies focus on being less wasteful in the manufacturing process, others use sustainable materials, even upcycling- I love that!  Either way you look at it, consumers are paying attention.

Aveda, known for their botanically based products that serve well for their buyers, as well as for the planet; fittingly sponsored the ECO Fashion Week Vancouver which took place FEB 22-25.  22 Designers showcasing their Eco friendly fashions.  Check out the gallery page to see the houses collections.  I especially like Jason Matlo, Nicole Bridger, Red Jade, KDON by Kim Cathers, Jessica Milton, Adhesif, The Battalion, Downtown Betty,  and Chicago’s own Lara Miller!

According to the Eco Fashion Week web site, Their Mission statement is clear:

“First, to promote environmentally conscious trends in fashion and to applaud and support national and international designers, manufacturers and retailers who are shaping these trends.

Second, to provide opportunities for consumer education about environmentally sustainable practices in the fashion industry, explain the global and personal benefits of adopting these practices, and demonstrate ways in which individuals can make conscious changes in their wardrobe choices and reduce their environmental impact of “waste couture” on our planet.

And third, to generate direct economic benefits for the region and environmentally friendly businesses in the fashion industry. With this mandate, EFW has established Vancouver as a world-wide destination for environmentally friendly fashion and couture, and strengthen its image as a green, progressive, and trend-setting city.”

Lara Miller @ ECO Fashion Week Vancouver

Even though Aveda sponsored the event, hair was not a point.  I’m sure all the designers’ hairdressers were given a nice collection of Aveda products to work with and could of easily done some crazy bouffant ‘dos; but even then hair was free an unrestricted.  Long, soft waves and natural colors to go with the flow of the runway.

  • My favorites way of recreating those waves is by spraying the damp hair with a heat protection spray
  • then using a pliable paste watered down with the same heat protection spray distribute evenly with a comb
  • blow dry smooth
  • part hair into 3 main sections: top, middle and nape (bottom)
  • using vertical partings use a  flat iron and curl the hair (like you would use a curling iron) the bigger your partings, the less wavy it is.  I like to do 2″ partings.
  • curl in the same direction on all sections (counter-clockwise or clockwise) to get more of a wave, alternating directions creates more curl.
  • after curling all the hair, spray hair using a hairspray that doesn’t flake when you brush it.
  • Let it “set” for a minute- then comb out.